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I want be able to cast cripple on my primary target using the shift modifier and cast cripple on my focus target without using the modifier. I have been working on the macro and I have gotten the focus target cripple to work but it will not cast cripple on the primary target. The macro I have been working on is below. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advanced!

/cast [pet:Doomguard, modifier:SHIFT]Cripple;[pet:Doomguard,target=focus,harm]Cripple;
/cast [nomod, @target] Cripple
/cast [mod:shift, @focus] Cripple
oh wait i made it backwards
try this:
/cast [nomod, @focus] Cripple
/cast [mod:shift, @target] Cripple
Once again the it works for the focus target but not on the main target. Thanks in advanced for any help I get. :)
bump :)
Make sure you don't have Shift defined as an auto cast or auto focus modifier (esc->interface->combat) or that the shift+key is not already bound to something.

You might want to add a condition for when you have no focus too (unless this is part of a larger macro):

/cast [pet:Doomguard,mod:shift][pet:Doomguard,@focus,harm][pet:Doomguard] Cripple

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