The DPS Problem.

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I play DPS classes (preferably pet dependant) for one exclusive reason:

Survivability in soloing.

I value the ability to kill pretty much any non-raid thing i want without constantly worrying about graveyard runs.

I hate graveyard runs. I really, really, super really HATE graveyard runs.

You can thank Everquest for that conditioned response.
I think they should merge certain support abilities with what tanks do currently. They've taken things out of the game like amplify magic, aspect of the fox, and mana tide totem. What if they were to add some of them back to tanks? Doing this would help make tanking more interesting and hopefully attract people who are more interested in support roles. It would also allow blizzard to put certain abilities back in the game that were well loved, but they didn't feel had a place.
When it comes to PUGs, most people just don't want the responsibility.

Consider the boss in Slag Mines; Roltall.

Throughout the xpac, whether doing it on heroic early on or mythic now, I'm pretty sure every time I've done this boss in a pug there has been someone that stood there in the path of the boulders and died. If that person is the tank, the group wipes. If that person is the healer, the group wipes. When that person is a dps, the rest of us sigh and carry on and kill the boss.

Yes, dps have responsibility and critical roles in some encounters. But generally not ALL the dps need to be on point. Some players just don't want to deal with responsibility or they recognize that they aren't that good at it and so they play dps.

Adding more tank specs won't change anything. People that don't want to tank aren't suddenly going to tank just because now they could do it on a Rogue or w/e else.

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