chaos bolt is retarded and needs to be nerfed

100-0 nagga real quick.
arent you the ugly uk kid who vapes lmao pce
Ya I agree Destro is really op and needs to get nerfed (Looks at 3s Ladder and sees how many play at high rating........ Kappa)
he's an eu he doesn't need the kappa to understand sarcasm
get outplayed

come to forums

wows tragic story behind its downfall
Heaven forbid a long cast spell does damage

Just kick it like you can kick ice nova and starsurge

12/31/2015 07:43 PMPosted by Deathed
ur 1300 on mage ..

i bought wod like 4 days ago and just finished gearing idiot ill be 3k byt the end of the season
ive noticed in wod that it actually has a fast cast time with backdraft stacks
12/31/2015 08:30 AMPosted by Stonecastle
Destro was arguably the most fun spec in the game in late wrath, early cata. It was extremely rewarding. Now? Pfft. Literally 90% of the damage is tied to Chaos Bolt. It sucks at higher ratings where teams can effortlessly counter or avoid the damage and it's broken at 1500 where havoc double deathcoil double chaosbolt instantly 100-0s both teammates.

!@#$ty design. Period.

This right here.

It's balanced, but it's really crappy design that should have never happened. Same with a bunch of stuff.

- Mage double tapping nova spell
- Druid triple tapping Starsurge
- Less than 60 sec CD on Life Cocoon.
- And don't even get me started on how many AoE abilities I have as a mage and how much that ruins my polymorphs.
you are bad
Destro is the worst spec to play against, and I've never met a destro lock that didn't complain the whole game. Ban this sick filth spec. At least make it more like other casters where they acutally have to do more than spend 2 minutes building chaos bolt, getting chain stunned, chain kicked, and finally getting to cast 2 CB and win the game.
chaos bolt IS dumb btw. just less stupid then other things.

if you're in this thread defending the design of current destro locks ur apart of the problem.

i miss my favorite spec so much. mop ruined it so much

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