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Moon Guard
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Snack or riot.
join now and the first scoff from kadalla is absolutely free
Goat Boat is sailing smoothly! Campaigns await us as finals weeks come to a close for many of us - myself included.
Many thanks and tin cans to Aeiia for patiently doing my IC interview for the guild: I am excited to RP with my fellow caprine individuals and learn how to drive Sal. (Also, how to use chat without referring to notes.)
"Do I have to? Really? *sigh* Fine, whatever, give it."

A trim, well-armored, and clearly put-out Rangari stomps into view, crosses her arms in a huff, scowls, and makes a point of reading from a small scrap of parchment in a sullen near-monotone.

*clears throat*

"Tonight the Rangari of Te'Amun will be hosting a camp out on the Isle of - wait WHAT? The Isle of Giants? Well whose stupid idea was that? They know there's dinosaurs out there, right?" She pauses, actually listening for once. "Oh. Right. Of course. Bet she's not even there. Bet she's sleeping indoors tonight while the rest of us - OH, FINE!"

She tries again, forcing a too-bright smile.

"Tonight, the Rangari of Te'Amun will be hosting a (D20) camp out on the Isle of Giants in Pandaria. Because what could possibly go wrong with that?"

She stomps back off, grumbling. "Happy now?"
I like the idea behind a guild but I'm afraid of them. (Had a couple of bad experiences involving ridicule, bullying, and stalking) I -love- the Draenei, most of my characters are Draenei and I delve into the lore as a hobby. Is there a spot of people you RP with? I really wish to be a part of what looks like a good place to be without actually joining.
(It's not my guild, my guild is a bank guild)
Hey there Tazika!

We do a lot of our RP in Shadowmoon Valley. If you'd like, we're going to have a Draenic-themed scavenger hunt next week, and a social as well. I'd be more than happy to pass you an invite if you'd like to come scout us out and see what we're like. :3 Otherwise, tons of our people like to hang out in the Cathedral Square in Stormwind, and that's always a good place to make contact with us. :3
*A lanky Rangari slinks into view, fixing Kairyth with the sort of look that said 'I think what you did was funny, but I have to pretend I don't like it'-- all arched, imperious brow and grave eyes. But the corners of her wide mouth twitched with a suppressed smile.*

It was my stupid idea, Kairyth. And don't worry, I'll be sleeping out on the beach with the rest of you.

*She briefly let her smile show, a flicker of sharp white teeth. It was far from reassuring.*

And really, don't be so afraid of the local fauna. Unless you don't think you're up to the challenge?

*The Rangari reached back, twitching her fingers towards a juvenile Devilsaur. He lumbers out, butting his head up against the woman's chest affectionately before bellowing obnoxiously. All the while, Tanithra just coos over him in Draenic.*

Who is a terrifying, bloodthirsty monster? You are!

*Tanithra casts a sly glance over her shoulder and grins again.*

He's a ferocious beast, I know. It's okay to be scared. But I promise. You'll be fine.
Kairyth glowers at Tanithra with thinly veiled ire. Very thinly.

"Not scared. Lazy. Jeez. This is gonna be like... actual WORK."

With that she rolls her eyes and stomps off. Huffy, innit?
I for one welcome our caprine overlords.
It's that time again-- PROMOTION TIIIIME!

Tonight, Moon Guard's original Goat Boat will be hosting it's monthly promotion ceremony to welcome in all the new goatlings we've gathered over the month!

The Coliseum of Light, in Karabor, is the place to be. :> Come welcome our neophytes into their official sects!
The Tournament of Ages is steadily approaching, and Goat Boat is looking forward to setting sails for Northrend! We encourage all our Goats to attend - enjoy the festivities and come bleet at our booth.
Why is this so far behind?

Get back in your boxen you goat boat!

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