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With the new forum layout I've noticed a parsing or composition problem with how interaction buttons line up with user images and forum posts. Things end up getting piled on top of one another. From the looks of it, objects are getting stuck in the same DIV tag as the forum text.

This also causes a myriad of other issues as well. The "Reported!" text box is visible upon page-load.

I've seen as many as 3 edit boxes show up for me to post a message with. Starts out expanded rather than requiring me to click "Post Reply".

I've posted a screenshot of the misbehavior on Photobucket. I zoomed out the browser to 75% to show more repetitions of the same issue.
Hi Phydeux,
Have you tried clearing your cache/cookies/etc? I just loaded the latest version of IE9 beta and everything looks fine. Because IE9 is so much more standards compliant than previous versions you should be seeing virtually the same page and layout that you would see in Chrome or Firefox. If clearing your cache doesn't work, try running the browser without add-ons. You can do that by going to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Internet Exploerer (No Add-ons). Let me know if that doesn't work and we'll try something else.
Once again I forgot to preface my OP by mentioning that I'm a IT professional accustomed to troubleshooting software, and that I have tried all the normal Tier I triage steps.

Fortunately they pushed out the first Release Candidate version, and most of my visual woes have gone away. The only lasting issue is that the Edit and Preview buttons sit 2/3 of the way into the top right edge of the composition box. I believe this is because there's not enough space in the graphic pad above the edit box, or that the buttons don't belong there.

I still think this is a parsing error, which is the only way I can see for a standards based browser to mess up a standards compliant (?) layout. If the parsing path is slightly off, it can parse the commands in the wrong order. Or if the template was built with a few improper orderings of commands, that can happen too.
Hello there,

I'm also using Internet Explorer 9 beta and I'm also an IT professional like the original poster stated.

I have been experiencing the same issues Phydeux was getting, but also some other ones. I noticed that I cannot open any drop-down menus here on the forums and throughout the entire network of sites itself. This includes going to view character information and such. Plus the buttons that make it easier to make words "italic", "bold", and "underlined", are missing. So you need to put in the BBC or HTML coding in manually to enable those in your posts.

Additionally, I cannot switch the forum layouts of the way you view it when I click the "Advanced" tab-link at the top of the forum pages. Lastly, all in-game information you see when logged in -- You only see loading circles instead of your friends lists, guild information, and auction house information on the right-side of the main page for the WoW Community website.

Version of Internet Explorer 9 beta being used:

Version: 9.0.8080.16413
Cipher Strength: 256-bit
Product ID: 03201-997-8992687-0006
Update Versions: RC
The jQuery version they are using on the forums has an incompatibility with IE9 RC. They're going to be updating it shortly which should fix most, if not all, of the issues you are seeing.
Hi Xnc,

Yup. I read what you stated within another thread here on the forums shortly after I posted regarding this issue in this thread. Hopefully the jQuery coding being used here on the forums is resolved soon. =)
Whew. Glad to see this thread on the first page, hope it gets fixed soon. :)

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