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I was about to march my unhappy butt back to Garadar and demand a refund XD Good to know it's getting fixed.
I couldn't agree more. When there are so many things in this game that *need* to be fixed, why focus on changing something entirely uneccesary like the hoof/horn color of a mount? (A mount that players spent a good deal of time rep-grinding for, to boot.)

And here's another gripe, Blizz... work out the bugs in the events before the event starts! (Love in is the Air vendors?) For two days the vendors were glitched. And then you decide half-way through the event to change the bouquet drops to only Cata dungeons. Nice. At least provide a warning (or some lube) the next time to screw us over!
wonderful news! I nearly cried when I saw it, the grey and black alone just dont do it for me. I can't wait.

P.S HUGE thanks for reincluding the red hyenas back into the game. I was so devasted when the tracking hounds became dogs, but now there are new red yenas!
I would like to please petition to get my white war talbuk back the way it was!!! I truly don't understand why it was changed in the first place, but please change my favorite mount back the way it was /puppydog eyes
can i have m fancy goat back please?
The change isn't that bad people. I prefer the look of the new one as a "basic" mount just because it's not as...purple. Maybe that's just my preference.

Of course, they changed it without warning after how many years?

That mount did look a tad special compared to the rest. Mayhaps they'll put the thing back in as a separate Talbuk if enough complaints are registered? Quest reward? It'd be nice Blizzard. That was one nice looking mount before the change.

Edit: Just read the Blizzard post. Oops.
I really do like the "new" Talbuk though. Any chance it'll make it into the game or will we forever be stuck with Ye Olde Purple Hoof?
Im new to wow, my boyfriend and i LOVE this mount. He told me about it and would get it for each character he made, and when I saw it I thought it was cool too because it was very unique looking and easy to get. It was like a treat for that 2 days or less of farming. Deffinitely worth the time to get. I play wow because i enjoy the scenery, atmosphere, and character design, thats what attracts me. But now blizzard is getting lazy, the armor now looks like %*!!, its all the same, i played old raids with my 85 and found some cool items that are better than 85 raid/pvp/pve gear. In my opinion, the concept artists designing all this stuff REALLY need to be replaced with new ones. They've lost their touch. A game like this shouldnt ONLY be played to win, but it should attract the viewer's eyes.

I play wow for the variety of things it has I dont wanna turn and see someone looks JUST like my character because we are limited with what we can have. So WHY would they make the talbuk look so generic like the other 7? Thats ridiculous. They didnt even give a good enough explanation. if it was a mistake they should have fixed it right away, but instead they made people work for it, then finally 4 years later change it, its like a slap in the face "HAHA YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD A COOL MOUNT! WELL NOW ITS JUST A GENERIC TALBUK LAWLAWLAWL SO THOSE MANY HOURS YOU WORKED YOUR ASS OFF TO GET IT ARE NOW WASTED -TROLOLOLOLOLO-" >:/

Fix it blizzard. Give it back. Some people might not agree, but I think it should be changed back tot he way it was. For others with cool mounts like the proto-drakes, what would you do if the cool markings were takin away and the glowing fire mouth? And it was just scaly and a generic color? It would hurt cause you worked hard to get it wouldnt it? Thats how i feel about the talbuk.
this is fixed on the ptr :)
Woah there! Hold your horses (or talbuks, as the case may be).

While not exactly a bug (the opposite, actually), this change to the White War Talbuk wasn't intentional. The current plan is to revert the White War Talbuk to its original, shiny blue hoof and horned state at the earliest opportunity.


02/19/2011 10:36 AMPosted by Jamalia
at the earliest opportunity.

Hope this happens before the 'new' dances they promised before wotlk hit.
Technically... they came true on their new dances with the worgen and goblins ... they have new dances lol.
Hurray! Blizz, please hurry and fix our pretty purple-hooved talbuk soon! It's March already!

For the naysayers, there are many of us who grind rep specifically for a certain mount or vanity pet appearance. I worked for Talbuk rep specifically for the the beautiful (my *still* favorite ground mount) cobalt talbulk and the white war talbuk because of it's gorgeous purple/cobalt colors.
Out of curiosity, is this change on the patch server?
02/26/2011 2:22 AMPosted by Darenyon
this is fixed on the ptr :)

oh nice I can't wait then
Off topic on another mount but for the people out there who got the ZG raptor (Bloodlord mandokirs raptor) before zg was destroyed. Well its armor and skin changed a bit, I don't mind it but i liked it when it wasn't so dark coloured
Can this please be changed back soon, hopefully next patch, becoming increasingly aggrivated that i cant ride my favorite mount.

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