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Hey Blizz, while you're at it fix the Nether Drakes saddle blanket.

I wonder if Blizzard knows about this... This is my favorite flying mount.

Still haven't obtained any good alternative purple mounts. Close to blue Dragonhawk, just a few months for violet Proto-Drake, don't know if I'll be able to get the 25man Ironbound Proto-Drake, since I'm still in the middle of the 10man one, and the dark Phoenix is a long way off I imagine.

03/19/2011 05:09 PMPosted by Kaltakh
this is fixed on the ptr :)



... man, I'm going to miss Talbuks if I ever play Horde. T_T

... man, I'm going to miss Talbuks if I ever play Horde. T_T

Horde can get them too.

Also if this is truly fixed on the PTR that's great, now they just need to fix all the other mount bugs...........
yea that sucks now
nice.... guess checking the date on a thread is hard to do.

and this was fixed so your comment was a necro as wella s being useless
Hope they fix that for you guys :) It's a total disappointment for them who got it. Never got it myself, but will support for the fix of the mount.

This was fixed in February.

Of last year.

Please, don't disturb this thread's grave anymore. It died peacefully as it should have; let's keep it that way.

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