[H]In Another Castle 7/7H 10Man Recruitment

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Bump for quality rdps apps
12/29/2011 12:32 AMPosted by Snokey
Bump for quality rdps apps

replace your !@#$ty boomkin
show me potato salad!

And LF a shadow priest, people be hiding show yourselves!
Am i not pretty enough?
Bump for spriest and other exceptional chocolate sawce players
and bump
Bump for 6/8 heroic
bump for a Blackhorn kill with a super early DG

wtb Geared spriest yo, post your ap's at our website

Snokey is the Sawciest with his bacon stripz
We can let this one die now...
Hi there, i was talking to Zuzum about buying a 8/8h DS run. It's going to cost me 125k, but then we got to talking and i hear you are actually recruiting a DK. I know all 3 classes, blood, frost, and UH rather well. I'm a very dedicated raider and am always up for heroic progression, im 4/8h atm, but i know the entire fight of hagara, and with the help of your guild im sure i could learn warmaster-DW very easily. With 2 months until MoP comes out and being guildless, i think i hit the jackpot when i started talking to zuzum. If i were to fill your spot i know i would be able to make 90% of the raid times, I live in the US(california) but it is no problem for me to be on at i think 11:30 is what the time of raid is. I was told when i buy the DS run i wont be entirely leeching, but instead it will be sort of a "try-out" to see how my dps goes, or if you need me to tank anything that's fine aswell. I'm 396DPS/395Tank. My real ID is conwizzle@live.com, any further questions that need to be answered just let me know.

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