STICKY: Rogue Population Log - In Progress

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So I'd like to log and record the drop in rogue activity. My goal is to document WoW Census every month to see how the rogue population rises or drops since patch 4.0.6 has come out.

As of Today 2/8/2011 - Rogues are the least played class with 99,411 total characters at level 85. This accounts for 6% of the total population.

Only characters level 85 that have been seen in the past 30 days are included in this data.

Here's the Breakdown (US Servers Only):
#1 Paladin: 15% - 239,948
#2 Druid: 12% - 195,660
#3 Mages: 11% - 168,649
#4 Death Knight: 11% - 167,604
#5 Hunters: 10% - 160,860
#6 Warriors: 10% - 153,994
#7 Priests: 9% - 147,238
#8 Shamans: 9% - 145,353
#9 Warlocks: 7% - 113,579
#10 Rogues: 6% - 99,411


Here's the Breakdown (EURO Servers Only):
#1 Paladin: 14% - 167,788
#2 Druid: 13% - 149,039
#3 Mages: 11% - 127,165
#4 Warriors: 11% - 124,224
#5 Death Knights: 10% - 115,529
#6 Priests: 10% - 113,933
#7 Shamans: 9% - 109,978
#8 Hunters: 9% - 109,152
#9 Warlocks: 7% - 86,588
#10 Rogues: 6% - 71,030

Rogues at other levels (Total US & Euro):
Level / Population
20-29 - 49,373
30-39 - 33,848
40-49 - 30,963
50-59 - 22,528
60-69 - 38,477
70-79 - 43,037
80-84 - 97,990
85 - 170,441
Grand Total - 483,657 US & Euro levels 20 to 85

Data taken from:

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Edit: Added Total Levels to Document too.
It's interesting to see how this has change since Vanilla when literally 50% of the server was rogues.
nice to be in the top 6%! :)
Keep in mind that the expansion just came out. There is a good chance that people decided to level their hybrid first for better queues, as evidenced by druid/pallys being on top. Still, I'm not really sure what this is supposed to prove. I get to be the only rogue in my guild even tho i'm doing pretty decent dps? YAY!
i think the lowest we hit during wrath was 9%. this is sad to see.
Doesn't surprise me.
But this isn't so bad! We get to be more least those who stick around as rogues.
When Hunters, who everyone agrees is broken in PvP, has about 60% more representation than Rogues...that's saying something.
Kinda sad......

shows wow doesn't really need rogues anymore. When other classes have the same damage and interrupts, are you really gonna need a rogue for anything?

Mages, hunters, locks, can all attack from ranged which every raid prefers. Plus they bring buffs.
Hybrids can tank/heal which give them versatility and can cover multiple rolls. Plus they bring buffs.

Rogues can.....? ? ?
Look at what rogues do though... we don't need 5 rogues in a raid, you can get away with 1 or 2, these numbers make perfect sense.
And get a gap closer, and a rebirth.
You have to takes those numbers with a grain of salt as it doesn't account for main and alts. A lot of people will level something to the max level then shelve it or only go on that character every now and then not doing much with it.

I'd be more interested to see numbers based off of regular raiding and pvp. However that would require a proper survey. Perhaps something blizz should look into?
Well, keep in mind that if you're talking about the dungeon finder, it's specifically designed to avoid multi-rogue groups when possible. It aims to make sure that the DPS in a group are diverse, to balance out their relative strengths and weaknesses.
Why play a rogue when you can play a feral druid.

Play everything in a dungeon. Use almost the same exact gear.

Oh yeah, and do a lot more damage.

So much for the hybrid tax.

This This This This This. No one - and yes I mean no one - should be out-dpsing Rogues. We aren't ranged, we have the least utility, target switching is stupidly cumbersome. Where is our dmg buff?

With the rogue’s poisons and speed, the first strike is often the last step before the killing blow.

Taken from the CURRENT description on the CURRENT website, not the original game manual...though they've removed the part about no one being able to out-dmg us, "with the possible exception of mages"
02/08/2011 5:30 PMPosted by Bruinn
It's interesting to see how this has change since Vanilla when literally 50% of the server was rogues.

Yeah, PvP fotm does that.
I believed and still believe that rogues (and druids) are one of the most popular "first alt" candidate classes for players. Everyone has been killed by that dirtbag stealther one time or another. I know the majority of members of my guild had a rogue alt at 80, or in the bg twink range. I am certain that if rogues were to see a huge class re-balance the population numbers would explode overnight. Hell even the rumor or announcement of such a thing would pull rogues out of hiding everywhere.

Damned if you do, damned if you dont. While I hate being inferior in some ways to damage dealing counterparts, I quite enjoy being different.

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