Where do you get the forlorn gear?

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I want to get Valor gear but I don't know where do get the forlorn stuff i need for other gear. so if theres these shoulders i want it would say i need to trade in a "Mantle Of The Forlorn Protector" but the vendor would only sell "Shoulder of the Forlorn Protector" and i need to trade essence of the forlorn for that, where do i get the "Mantle Of the Forlorn Protector" and where do i get essence of the forlorn?
If you're not raiding, why do you need raid epics?
I PvP but i wanted to start and get Valor gear to
The tokens for Head and Shoulder Tier pieces only drop off of specific bosses in the current raid tier.
the head tokens drop from nefarion in blackwing descent. Normal mode tokens on normal, heroic tokens on heroic.

the shoulder tokens drop from Cho'gall in bastion of twilight, same deal as above for normal/heroic.

The essence of the forlorn drop from al'akir in throne of the four winds, but my understanding is that you can only get them on heroic mode (i could absolutely be incorrect).

All three are the end bosses of their respective instance, and if you're not raiding, or planning too, you will be unable to acquire these tokens.
if you want to start collecting PvE gear, start in tol'barad, daily heroic and the non-tier gear. tier pieces drop at the end of each raid so you'll need to do some gearing up before getting there.

baradin hold has 2 easy pieces, if they drop. You should focus on those first.

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