4.0.6 Known Issues Sticky - Updated 2/8/2011

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4.0.6 Known Issues List

This is a listing of some of the known issues for World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.6a:
  • This list is not complete, and will not include all issues.
  • The issues listed here are frequently reported issues that will be addressed at a later date via a client patch.
  • The latest patch notes can always be found at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2166872

  • General
  • Paladins' Summon Warhorse is not counting towards mount achievements.
  • The Worgen Female's emote /laugh is the same as the male one

  • Quests
  • Characters can be seen standing on the Bastia vehicle while completeing the quest “To the Cliffs”.
  • Bouquet of Ebon Roses and Bouquet of Red Roses do not drop from any Cataclysm dungeons.
  • The tooltip for Lovely Orgrimmar Card refers to Thrall as the Warchief of the Horde.
  • The item Lovely Ironforge Card claims to be from Magni Bronzebeard rather than Muradin.
  • Inspector Snip Snagglebolt and Detective Snap Snagglebolt are offering the quest “A Friendly Chat…”
  • Players in the phase after "Detonation" will not have their area changed correctly when traveling from Redridge Mountains down into Swamp of Sorrows.
  • Players are not awarded honor for completing the quest "Blackriver Skirmish".
  • The vehicle for the quest "Tailgunner!" does not aim in the correct direction.
  • The standard UI is not always restored after leaving vehicles.
  • It is possible for newly created undead characters to log standing up and Agatha not appearing.
  • Pets run into the lava to attack Ragnaros during the quest "The Firelord".

  • Raids & Dungeons
  • Al'Akir's Relentless Storm triggers a brief loading screen when the spell ends.
  • Ozumat will disappear from view during the encounter at certain camera angles.
  • Stacks of Luck of the Draw do not update their tooltip correctly. It can be at 3 stacks and will still display as granting you 5%. Don’t worry, you are actually getting the full 15% bonus.
  • The tooltip for the Stolen Power buff gained during the Heroic Nefarian encounter is incorrectly displaying a 5% bonus per stack. The actual bonus is 3% per stack.
  • The Drake vehicle in the Oculus and for the quest Slash and Burn have animation issues when attacking while airborne.
  • Players are not placed correctly on the Stone Drake and Wind Drake mount models.
  • The bomb and rope of the Krom’gar Hot Air Balloon are not attached correctly to the model.
  • Some Stone Drake creature clip almost completely into the ground when attacked.

  • UI
  • Achievement "Fungalophobia" is not triggering under the stated conditions.
  • The achievements tracking Valor Points and Conquest Points are displaying incorrect values when tracked.

  • Items
  • There are multiple Epic quality crafted armors that do not have any sockets on them.
  • Death Knight Runeforges display a skill up icon and say that you will get 300 skillups.
  • Swords using a certain model (Furious Gladiator’s Greatsword) will visually disappear when wielded by a character.
  • The modifiers for random enchantments on items still pull the now obsolete item modifiers of Attack Power, Spell Power, Mana per 5, etc.

  • Classes
  • The Priest talent Surge of Light is not being applied to Smite at Rank 1.

  • Shaman:
  • Tooltips of healing spells display incorrect values when points are distributed into the Restoration Shaman talent "Spark of Life".

  • Hunter:
  • Tenacity pet's Intervene can sometimes not intercept the next attack if the pet runs out of the area after applying the buff.
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