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Keymaster is 100% gone.

Are you kidding me? They just removed it? That's such BS, they keep saying "we will not do 'x'" then turning around and doing it. I worked hard for that stupid achievement, it as back when there was that stupid long annoying quest chain in WP to get the scholomance key.
Yup. Most achievements that Blizzard said in Cata Beta would become Feats are just out-and-out missing.

Hell, I'm still waiting for my Against the Odds FoS (winning WG with 2+ stacks of Tenacity).

Good to see the Cataclysm !@!%ty PR Decisions Train is still rolling at full steam.
So you introduce new stuff, great. That's what we all want. But changing the goalposts after we're already in the endzone isn't right. By the same logic, you should strip all Vanilla PVP titles, sure people worked hard, sometimes insanely hard to get them back in the day, but now you've introduced rated battlegrounds, shouldn't people have to do the latest and greatest to maintain what they already have? I mean, it's not fair to the people dominating in BGs right now that some people have awesome titles that they didn't earn *this* expansion. (this is sarcasm, just in case it wasn't blindingly obvious.)

My tinfoil hat tells me that this in fact was another bug, which would require a significant amount of DB mining to fix properly, so you all just decided to "raise the bar" to avoid actually doing something about it.
I don't see the logic behind this change. It doesn't please any specific group of the player base, it only upsets people. I can't even conceive of why someone would think this was even remotely a good idea.

Who at Blizzard could have thought "let's take away one of the most difficult things to earn in the game from our most dedicated players, that'll really make them happy"?

No, seriously, who does this change benefit? At all? It only serves to make some of the people with the most hours invested in the game angry. It's not like a case where you buff one thing and nerf something else and half the group is happy and half are upset. This change only serves to anger people who earned Exalted, and rightfully so.

The Blizzard I know, the Blizzard that does things because they want their game to be fun and their fans to happy would admit their mistake in implementing this change and revert it as soon as possible.

If you're gonna do somethin' to piss off a buncha customers, it does sorta make sense only to piss off the ones you know are really hooked through the sac. They'll take more abuse before they stop payin' the bills.
I don't even have the title and am not even closing to the old requirement to get it, but this reasoning for taking it away from those that did have it is insanely wrong.

I just can't even begin to imagine the attitude that went into making that kind of a decision. Rather than add in new rewards to attract people to achieve new things, it was decided just to take away what they'd already earned and make them do even more things just to re-earn exactly the same thing that you took from them? That's just plain sadistic.

It would be the equivilent to making it so that at the start of the next expansion, we all get our mount skills taken from us and have to re-buy them because you've put in more ways for us to make gold now and you want to make it so that earning gold still "means something".
We think "the Exalted" is a really awesome title. With Cataclysm we added a bunch of new reps though, and we want the title to keep pace so that it's always representative of someone that's obtained a considerable number of exalted reputations throughout the life of the game, even as we add more.

We did consider offering multiple titles for the various tiers, but "the Exalted" fits so perfectly and we wanted to avoid a potentially infinite string of titles like "the Fairly Exalted", "the Nigh Exalted", "the Mostly Exalted", etc. We also considered grandfathering in those who had already earned it but think that this title can be a unique testament to the continued efforts of reputation hunters and keep the same value as we introduce more reps and push the requirements up to match.

It's different than every other rep in the way we're raising it with a new bar to meet, and I do apologize that it wasn't communicated clearly beforehand that it was going to be functioning this way.

It must suck for it to be your job to blow smoke up the community's @$$ for garbage like this. What kind of social tards do you have as devs for them to think that "The Exalted" is so cool that it must be kept from the unworthy?

If you want to keep raising the number of factions it takes to get the title, by all means, do so. People that already put the work in for this should keep it.
02/08/2011 2:10 PMPosted by Crepe
People did the grind on this when it was hard to do. Adding additional reputations doesn't make it any less difficult when they did it.
True, but it is even harder now. The title requires 10 more than before, but only 8 new reputations were added with Cata. So you have to go back and grind 2 more factions than you previously had to.
Next step:
The monthly sub is now $24.99
What a load of BS, You took something away from me that I had earned. This is poor customer service. I suppose next xpac you will raise the bar again?
02/08/2011 1:40 PMPosted by Bashiok
We think "the Exalted" is a really awesome title.

That's nice. But as long as you keep taking them away on a whim, NO title is "really awesome."
02/08/2011 2:04 PMPosted by Grandevil

See: Keymaster.

Achievements like that become feats of strength I believe, they aren't completely taken away, people who had them still have them.

Keymaster was never turned into a FoS.

They just took it away, a long with most of mah keys.
I am actually afraid to go off and get any more achievements that require any work in fear they will just be changed and I'll lose them.

I suppose I'll stick to hugging critters...but if they introduce new critters will I lose that too?
02/08/2011 2:19 PMPosted by Pyrõstorm
What a load of BS, You took something away from me that I had earned. This is poor customer service. I suppose next xpac you will raise the bar again?
Bashiok all but says you'll have to.

02/08/2011 2:22 PMPosted by Beslley
RIFT beta felt about as polished as Cata, and that disturbed me. RIFT isn't even released yet.
#@!@, Rift is FAR more polished than Cataclysm. At least when I report bugs in Rift's beta, they get fixed, not persist into release AND into the first content/bug fix patch.
This is a ridiculous change.
I spent a LOT of time farming reputation toward the end of the last expac. It was not fun. It was a true grind and the ONLY reason I did it was because I knew when the expac hit, I'd get my last couple of reps to get the title.

I was PROUD of the title. 40 exalted factions is a LOT. Name 40 factions that are EASY to get rep with and don't involve serious grinding. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Taking away a title doesn't just invalidate my accomplishment, it retroactively wastes my time. Would I have gone through all that trouble for something unachievable? Heck no!

Thanks a lot, Blizz, for wasting my time, misleading me, springing this on me, taking away something I worked hard for, and in general screwing this up really bad. Not cool, guys. Not cool.
I don't intend to sound like a troll, but... Who cares?

Seriously. Get over it. Have fun.
You may no longer be GEORGE, THE EXALTED but we all still know who you are.

There's no reason to get all angry faced over this. :)

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