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While you're at it, Blizz, why don't you go ahead and take away the Blue Dragonhawk that I just obtained, and tell me that I can have it back when I get 150, or some other outlandish number of mounts. Then I can spend the next 2 years grinding for it, only to have it taken away again, almost immediately.

I'm mad as hell.
I probably wouldn't mind this if the reps I had already gotten to exalted actually showed.

I put in a ticket about my Ashtongue Deathsworn rep 2 months ago and it still has not been fixed.
02/08/2011 2:19 PMPosted by Pyrõstorm
What a load of BS, You took something away from me that I had earned. This is poor customer service. I suppose next xpac you will raise the bar again?

Of course they will. They think it's a carrot on a stick.

Only they let the jackasses eat the carrot. They finished the carrot. That carrot has been eaten. You can take what it's become and tie it back on the stick, sure - it useta be a carrot, and it's still shaped like a carrot and made outta carrot. Only now we all know it ain't a carrot anymore; it's a turd. You got a turd on a stick now, Blizzard. Way to go.
We think "the Exalted" is a really awesome title. With Cataclysm we added a bunch of new reps though, and we want the title to keep pace so that it's always representative of someone that's obtained a considerable number of exalted reputations throughout the life of the game, even as we add more.

We did consider offering multiple titles for the various tiers, but "the Exalted" fits so perfectly and we wanted to avoid a potentially infinite string of titles like "the Fairly Exalted", "the Nigh Exalted", "the Mostly Exalted", etc. We also considered grandfathering in those who had already earned it but think that this title can be a unique testament to the continued efforts of reputation hunters and keep the same value as we introduce more reps and push the requirements up to match.

It's different than every other rep in the way we're raising it with a new bar to meet, and I do apologize that it wasn't communicated clearly beforehand that it was going to be functioning this way.

Why are you making a point to keep this title difficult and hard to obtain as the game ages but completely ignore and trivializing other titles?

All Wrath raid titles are now easy to obtain, you seem to have no problem with this. Ambassador is now very easy to obtain and you seem to have no issue with this.

Why is "Exalted" special, why does it matter when so many other former prestige titles do not?

Makes no sense, it's a double standard.

I'm also saying all this as someone who had never earned the "Exalted" title so no this is not
QQ because I lost it.
Why can't they actually ADD more achieves if people go above and beyond? Rather than ALWAYS changing achieves to need more and more.
I don't intend to sound like a troll, but... Who cares?

Seriously. Get over it. Have fun.
You may no longer be GEORGE, THE EXALTED but we all still know who you are.

There's no reason to get all angry faced over this. :)

About 6 pages of people.

Edit: Derp. Ninja edit.
I don't intend to sound like a troll, but... Who cares?

Seriously. Get over it. Have fun.
You may no longer be GEORGE, THE EXALTED but we all still know who you are.

There's no reason to get all angry faced over this. :)

Hah, good job changing your post there. Don't sound quite like the jerk you did this way.
02/08/2011 2:23 PMPosted by Guildenstern
Who cares?

Everybody in the thread but you. That's why we're all starin' at you like you're some kinda idiot.

OK, it's mostly why.
I have 48 rep, got title at 40 rep, lost title at 48 rep

Dumb imo

Same boat yo, time to grind BC reps
02/08/2011 2:25 PMPosted by Beslley
#@!@, Rift is FAR more polished than Cataclysm. At least when I report bugs in Rift's beta, they get fixed, not persist into release AND into the first content/bug fix patch.

I LOVED how fast the bugfixes came in RIFT this weekend! There was a rift quest bugged the one day, and literally the next day they had put the quest in "timeout" because it wasn't working as intended :) Wish Blizz could be as timely.
Blizzard: herp derp what am agile development
Recommendation: As more reputations are added, change the previous title to a tier below. If you were "the Exalted" in WotLK, that title would be downgraded to "the Revered." Cataclysm reps would then grant "the Exalted." Next xpac, "the Revered" could drop to "the Honored," Cataclysm's reps become "the Revered" and the new xpac could grant "the Exalted."
**5 faction reps
**9 tabard reps;
Wyrmrest-Kirin Tor-Ebon Blade-Argent Crusade-Ramkahen-Dragonmaw/Wildhammer-Earthen Ring-Therazane-Hyjal
**Hellscream's Reach/Baradin's Hold

That's 16 readily available reps. Some of them don't even have dailies, JUST the tabard! (Lookin' at you, Hyjal. And possibly Earthen Ring). You will now need THIRTY FOUR additional reps to obtain it now, requiring such long, painful reps as Brood of Nozdormu and Hydraxian Waterlords. I think needing 24 additional reps was fine. No one is happy about this change, but when was the last time they listened to an outcry like this from the customer base? =\
02/08/2011 2:20 PMPosted by Heartfire
It doesn't matter anymore, because "the Exalted" title is really awesome. There is nothing that any of us have done to derserve anything really awesome and if past experience is anything to go by, no amount of complaining is going to resolve this in favor of the VAST majority. The issue will be ignored, swept under the rug, and forgotten about, knowing that eventually we all go away and quit complaining, but still keep playing.

Probably right. It doesn't make me angry enough to quit. It's just another in a long string of decisions I don't understand and disagree with. It's disappointing, and maybe even a little hurtful, because of Blizzard's previous stance that titles wouldn't be arbitrarily removed.

I'll still keep playing, and it won't effect my gameplay in the slightest, but it makes me just a little more distrustful of Blizzard in the future and a little more reticent to go after one of those really difficult achievements because I will always know in the back of my mind that it might get taken away at some future point without notice.

I'm actually considering whether or not this game is worth my time any more. This is the same type of behavior that led to me dropping SWG like a hot rock, so between these poor decisions and a growing sense of boredom...well, I'm definitely thinking about it.

When a company begins to have a complete disconnect to its base, it is normally because of changes in design philosophy, something we as players can only infer based on what is happening to the game since the company will not tell us of these changes.

If this is the direction Blizzard wishes to take their game, it is their prerogative, but alienating the player base through seemingly arbitrary decisions is not going to endear people to a game no matter how popular it is.

It is sad, but in the last year I've seen the beginnings of a downward spiral. Its only my opinion mind you, but it is something I have seen before.

Next step:
The monthly sub is now $24.99
Might as well be. I see barely any worgen fixes even from the BETA, I keep seeing all these bugs, I see barely any new bugs fixed, and now they take away titles/achievements because they were... I don't even know what they were doing.

What was their goal list for this patch?
1. piss off a bunch of people by removing things that didn't need to be removed and not warning them AT ALL about it.
2. Barely fixing any bugs
3. Putting in new bugs, including ones that had been removed in the beta previously (aka worgen switches not being able to que, read that it was fixed, but it happened in the beta too)
Alright Blizzard, that's fine Raise the bar. Perfectly understandable. While your at it; for the Next Expansion do it for Loremaster and the seeker title too. So Loremasters have to grind the new Quests for Title again as well. Also for those Hardcore PvPers that work hard to get Battlemaster and Arena Master. Make sure to add the Achievements from new Battlegrounds in order to regain the BattleMaster title again too. And the Arena master; make sure they have to earn the Achievement at max level too. Also the Ambassador title; make sure when you add a new race to each faction; that holders of the Ambassador have to get that Races faction too in order re-earn it. But make sure they are the same title though. We know your creativity is stretched. But before you do; make sure to NEVER say you'll strip them of there previously earned title. That would be just Hypocritical.
We also considered grandfathering in those who had already earned it but think that this title can be a unique testament to the continued efforts of reputation hunters and keep the same value as we introduce more reps and push the requirements up to match.

the mistake here is those who already had the title already put in the required effort to get the title.

it would be like winning a scavenger hunt and getting a prize for it, only to have the organizer return a year later with new items to find and reclaim your prize until you got the new items.

that does not compute. those who had it should have kept it. plus unless i am mistaken The Explorer and Loremaster titles didn't change with the release of new content, so why should this?

one last thing: i am sure someone has mentioned the ease with which you can gain reputation with (most of the) cataclysm factions. that is a fair point and those who have (sorry, HAD) the Exalted title probably would have (or already have) gotten exalted with some or most of them anyway, but that doesn't change the fact that they should not have lost the title in the first place.

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