Game Not responding during loading screens.

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Heeelllooo.. Whenever I load up the game and go into any zone/loading screen anything I go into the loading screen where my game says not responding thus making me wait 30-90 seconds before it allows me to continue what I'm doing.

This started last tuesday.. I've seen more problems with it I've done all the troubleshooting.

Yes I am wireless but tried wired.
Yes I cleared my WTF/Cache/interface folders.
Yes I tried compatibility mode vista.
Yes I tried updating my drivers.

I tried everything. There has to be at least 1 more thing I can try? :(

Oh. And I'm on Windows 7 64bit.

Its been seen on windows vista though..(this problem:3)
I'm experiencing similar issues except i disconnect back to the loading screen..
Yeah.. I've heard of that. Bump.

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