[H] 8/12 <The Faculty> recruiting for 25mans!

Greetings Mal'Ganis,

<The Faculty>is a Cataclysm-based raiding guild with a solid core 10 man group on the verge of expanding into the 25-man circuit, we just need a few more willing raiders! Here is our current progression on 10 man:

Bastion of Twilight: 3/4
Blackwing Descent: 4/6
Baradin hold: 1/1
Throne of the Four Winds: 1/2
<The Faculty> raids Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:00pm to 11:00pm Server Time

Class/Composition needs:

Warrior: DPS - Moderate, Tank - Moderate
Mage: DPS - Moderate
Hunter: DPS - High
Shaman: DPS - Moderate, Healer - Low
Druid: DPS - Moderate, Tank - Moderate, Healer - Moderate
Rogue: DPS - Moderate
Warlock: DPS - High
Death Knight: DPS - High
Paladin: DPS - Low, Healer - Low, Tank - Moderate
Priest: DPS - High, Healer - High

*We will accept all classes BUT we still hold a high standard to everyone, regardless of composition.
In <The Faculty> we expect our raiders to be ready, willing, and prepared.
- Flasks and Elixirs
- Class/role research
- Maxed professions
- Boss/raid strategies
- Repairs, enchants, and gems
- Raid punctuality

If you are interested in participating and raiding with <The Faculty> then visit http://thefaculty.enjin.com/ to apply or whisper Me (Maashl) or Doctagrnthum in-game for further information

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