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Okay in game I periodically get caught in auto run and the /reset ui fixes it. Now after todays server maintenance /reset ui does nothing. What was it changed to?
Is that to reload your UI or reset everything in your UI back to default values ?

Reload is /console reloadui

not sure what it is for resetting the UI.
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I do /reload when the UI got stuck (Mine got stuck after dismount from the red dragons in Grim Batol, I still had the vehicle UI as if I was still driving the dragon). Try that instead also.
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/Rim crash
Thanks, will give that a try. For some reason I get stuck in auto run every now and then. Hitting /reset ui has pretty much always fixed it. Will do the simple /reload next time.
That has happened to me also. What I found out is that while running or backing up. if your palm hits Ctrl while your moving, it will auto run. Just hold Ctrl and forward (w) button again and it will go back to normal mode..

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