Living elements proc nerfed or bugged?

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I was curious about this change as well. since this patch went in Tuesday, I've done 4 transmute elements and 2 transmute truegolds.

In total I've had one single proc of 2 volatile fire from one of the elements transmutes.

I compare this to the past when I've gotten about 14-30 procced elements off about 1 in 5 transmutes, and so far, it's looking to be MUCH worse overall.

I'll continue, but I've seen a dramatic drop in an already low proc rate, which is making me even unhappier for choosing Xmute spec (which I've had for over 2 years now).

I noticed that Nathaera may have mixed terminology and I can't tell if this change is supposed to apply to all xmutes or just to living elements xmutes, but my friends' xmute masters are seeing similar declines in their gem xmute proc rates as well (since those can be done stacks at a time it's easier to see when out of 60 gem xmutes you only get 1 or 2 gem procs).

02/09/2011 5:35 PMPosted by Nethaera
Transmutation specialists will almost always get a PROC when transmuting living elements.

I must have some really bad luck!
Yeah, I've been wondering if this changed in the last patch or hotfix. Don't believe I've gotten a single Volatile proc in the last few days. Did it get changed back to the original way?
02/09/2011 6:27 PMPosted by Tihra
Would be nice to see something like this on the 35 page, 680+ post thread concerning Archaeology.


Archaeology is working exactly how they designed it. It's not broken. There were no unexplained changes made like for transmute procs. You weren't getting 15 fragments or 0 per dig and now it's a steady 3~6. It's always been like that. Blue will post when there's information to be disseminated or clarify.

Don't be silly.

Blue posters? In a professions thread? I refuse to believe it.
ok on a note for transmutations. i am a master transmuter. i would like to know why there is a CD for old lich king and pre game stuff like truesilver, and a couple other things. but no CD for the new cata gems and such. i mean i feel jyped already being all i got in the cata stuff for my pally was a stone i can use, which i will state is a much improvement over the old stones. but still their is no real way to make money as a transmuter anymore since cata came out and a month or so before i was using or having a player buy my CD but alas not worth it now. and just to let you guys know ... transmuting old lich gems hardly procced alot ... i maybe got an extra gem once every 1 or 2 weeks before i saw an extra one. havent made gems for the new cata to let people know the transmute procc because the herbs required (they shouldve stuck with the volatiles for the gems like lich used the crystalized elements) mats or herbs are few and far between and dont show in an area very often.

also i feel jyped in the sands of time vial (the item that allows the drinker to change into a mount and allow a passenger), i am not sure if originally it was a alchemist only item, but hell i looked and to make the damn thing takes a ton of coin (a wowhead person posted the materials you buy alone cost a grand total of 29k -the sands x8 and the vial-) i have seen in the AH people post that item to be costing around the 30-40k gold ... wheres the justice. i am not sure i would wanna make more then one if i cant even make a profit.

also deepholm needs more heartblossom spawns ... farmed out there for 2-3 hrs inbetween dungeon waits, and only farmed about 2stacks with each spot giving rougly 2-4 herbs each ... mainly find cinderbloom ....

alchemists need new flask upgrades of the endless ones ... if i have to spend so many herbs for my gems transmutes, pots, flasks i cant keep making mana potions with the costs of materials. alchemy is my favorite profession ... both in game of WoW and D&D pen & paper... try looking at other role playing materials for alchemy ideas so alchemy can be more versatile and more useful ... cause as a master transmuter i feel like crap
OK, so I have 2 maxed Alchemist / Transmutation Masters, have made Truegold on both toons every day for a week and not one proc - not one. That certainly has taken care of the spikes in procs. I feel I'm wasting my gold and my time. Anyone else having the same issue now?
Yes Blodwenne, I have the exact same issue.....not a single proc on any of my transmutes in the past 3 weeks and I am at maximum level on Alchemist.

I further agree on the old content being subjected to the same cooldowns......I mean really, is it necessary? The only reasoning I could deduce would be the influx of worgen toons that would be levelling but that is a small percentage of the character population.

This is once again, a variable that is made to "slight" alliance characters. And no amount of lip service and political correctness is going to change the glaring facts. I play on a US server, Quel'Dorei and have spoken with folks on 12 other realms and they face the exact same thing.....subtle advantages given to the Horde faction and not the Alliance. FYI, this is not a "whine" just a practical and factual observation; as we have often been told that it just appears this way on our server.
I wanted to hop in and clarify and confirm there was in fact a change that was implemented with the patch that unfortunately did not make the patch notes.

The change actually adjusted the return on the transmutes so that you weren't getting spikes in the amount of items you'd get from the transmute. Instead, if you transmute over a period of time, the amount of the transmute return should even out.

So basically if you transmute on a regular basis, you should see a more regular return on the transmute vs. a spike in large returns. Transmutation specialists will almost always get a PROC when transmuting living elements.

Can we get an update on what's going on with this transmute? I've done almost 15 transmutes in the last three weeks and I've gotten a whopping TWO procs. So not only was the total number of volatiles per proc drastically reduced, but the proc rate is still the same abysmal proc rate that it was before, so instead of getting say a few no-procs and suddenly a nice juicy 14-16 extra proc, I get a 2-6 proc about once every ten transmutes.

How is this even remotely "more evened out" than the old proc? It's worse, and right now Transmute: Living Elements is a complete and utter joke. My mage is a transmute specialist, and has TWO whole procs to show for it. So what gives? I'm not seeing this 4-6 extra proc more often thing, because I got both of my procs as two big honkin' volatiles each time, and the procs are so far apart as to be almost non-existent. Hell, I get more procs from Transmute: Truegold than I do Transmute: Living Elements, and that's saying something considering the cost in volatiles.
Is anybody still out there? It would be great to know if this is being looked into, preferrably before 4.1 drops and we have to wait for yet another patch to get this in (assuming a hotfix can't solve this - again -).
You may just be unlucky. For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been getting 4-6 extra volatiles from almost all my transmutes. It doesn't seem to be 100% chance though, sometimes I get 0 extra volatiles but I've also had procs where I get 16 extra volatiles.
The past week, has yielded 4 days no proc. I was beginning to think that it was bugged.
The part that appears bugged is the new normalized proc rate. Having 2-6 per proc would be relatively fine if the rate of procs had increased as Blizzard stated they should, but the proc rate is just as low as it was originally, and with the low number of extra volatiles per proc, it's a very noticeable net loss to transmute mastery's value. I get as many if not more procs on transmute: truegold than I do for transmute: living elements.

The question right now is why isn't Blizzard acknowledging this issue instead of appearing to sweep it under the rug.
Truegold procs more than my living elements does lately. What gives?
06/03/2011 07:18 AMPosted by Ellawyn
Truegold procs more than my living elements does lately. What gives?

Three letters : RNG.
What's with the thread necro? February - June?
06/03/2011 09:48 AMPosted by Kathucka
What's with the thread necro? February - June?

The last couple of times I tried to do a forum search, it wouldn't even show anything newer than a month old.
06/03/2011 02:43 PMPosted by Shalura
What's with the thread necro? February - June?

The last couple of times I tried to do a forum search, it wouldn't even show anything newer than a month old.

Well then make a new thread if you don't get the info you need.
06/03/2011 03:44 PMPosted by Bavra
Well then make a new thread if you don't get the info you need.

The point is that the forum seach function:
a) doesn't show the newest information first
2) doesn't adequately mark old threads as such

So that people who just do a search will often get shown directly to a thread that is months old. And they post w/o checking the date. It's 50-50 forum problem, user problem.

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