Runecloth farming

I am currently lvl 285 in tailoring. I am in need of a fair amount of runecloth, to make the leap to 300. The AH is pushing a fair amount of gold for the remaining cloth on my server.

I have searched countless forum and racked up a few frequent flier miles on the zep, and mounts chasing a lead form one place to the other.

I am a post-cataclysm noob. It seems that a lot of the wow wiki sites are outdated with the new changes that have been released as of late.

I have been told the Western Plagulands, or Hellfire, and so on.

All i want to do is find a good place (non-dungeon) to pick up steady drops of runecloth.

I am at work, and able to concentrate on a few mobbies, not a whole dungeon atm.

Thanks in advance,

Run BRD. You will get at least 5 stacks of the stuff before you clear half of the instance. I went there recently for the elder achievement, and before I got to the Ring of Law, I had two stacks.

Hope this helps!
Yea late 50-60 dungeons or go farm humanoids, Id prob go hellfire to get a mix of runecloth and the next level to continue your 300+ grind. By time u hit 300 u should have enough other cloth to quickly jump.
it is a tough call these days. the answer would have been Stratholme, but since they changed the level of the mobs in there ..... i am not sure what level the mobs in scholo are, but that might be worth the try.

all in all - the level of mobs have been changed so the drops have changed. runecloth is tougher to get.

i would do what anandrea said. it will be a little slower, but you will also be collecting your next cloth.

the old world would have been perfect, but with all the mob changes, it isnt as concrete as it once was.
I realize you said non-dungeon, but honestly the fastest place I've found is normal Ramparts if you have an 85. Dungeon takes 8-10 to clear, done it on this toon and my rogue. Pull several greens and 3-4 stacks per run. No annoying pats like dead-side Strat. I go on total autopilot farming runecloth in Ramps. You'll pull a couple stacks of netherweave on top of that.
I always used to use the Armory in Hellfire if I wasn't going to jump in a dungeon to get it. There is a line of humanoid mobs just next to the horde fp if I remember correctly. It's also not on a Fel Reaver path.

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