[A] Without Equal (3/13) LFM

Without Equal is looking to expand our roster and venture back into 25 man raids. We're a semi-hardcore guild that likes to have fun while clearing content. We're looking for people that know how to play their class/role and enjoy clearing content.

We use EPGP as our loot system.

We're looking for:
Healers (no shammies)
Tank (pref Warrior)

Exception apps. will always be considered regardless of our needs.

Raid Times

Tuesday - Progression from 8:30 - 12:00.
Wednesday - Farm bosses, not mandatory, from 9:00 to 10:30.
Thursday - Progression from 8:30 - 12:00.
Saturday - Alt/pug runs from 9:00 - 12:00.

If you're interested whisper Kementari, Walkthisway, Zevelna or Caeadas for more information or visit our website at www.withoutequal.net
Bump, looking for reliable tank.
Is it true that you don't have equals?
Yeah it's a MoFo when we do math... :P

Ohhh..reached a little too far that ...sorry...
If there's one thing I hate in this life, it's losing. If there's two things I hate, it's losing and getting cancer.
Bump, Nef 25 down.
Bump, H Halfus down. Chim next :O
1. You Mad
2. We don't need any tanks
3. Bump
grats on h halfus
Bump for Omang's RP equipment. Please help us help Omang.

End of line.
Grats on Heroic Halfus :)
Bump for Omang's RP equipment. Please help us help Omang.

End of line.

Bump for Omang's tank mace that has not dropped in 15 weeks running.

Do a bump or do a line ether way you are mine. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Omang there is something very wrong here....

Oh wait, yet another week gone by and no Mace drop for our poor MT.

In other news, Chrolo gets hate mail over his pick of BFF. Film at 11.

It's 2:32 am. Do you know where on the world of warcraft your kids are?
Back to the top with you.
Hey guys! Bump for good people!
My last bump :(

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