Last thing you've killed is now in your room.

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In real life. Alive and angry.

Bosses and players are included.

Blood Elf warlock.

An Enslaved Son of Arkorroc.

I'm going to need a bigger house.
An abomination....

*hurriedly kills a succubus*

A succubus. BBL.
I'm pretty sure I killed an Abomination in Eastern Plaguelands while leveling Archaeology...

Uh oh...
Nefarian >.>
Awww, cute bunny rabbit.
Good thing it was a squirrel.

Although come to think of it, an angry squirrel in my room would be pretty nerve-wracking.
I believe I accidentally killed a snail-like critter in Vashj'ir. I guess my floor will get a little slimy, but nothing some hot water and a sheet of paper towel can't fix.
I killed a hot human chick trying to level in Stranglethorn Vale while using Growth Potions........

Ooooo... Amazonian warrior...
Problim...ugh hes broken my ceiling.
*hurriedly kills a succubus*

A succubus. BBL.

Wait, can we do that? Are you being in the spirit of the game there?

I think I killed...I think I killed a bunch of peasants for their frostweave.

Spirit of the game my right hoof. I've got a succubus.
Why hi there, Femal Dwarf. You can touch my tusks.
Oh dear.

I just finish a heroic.

Why can't we have genies like on I Dream of...
*kills Ysera in elf form*
Vortex Pinnacle boss....


Pls don't zap me. D8

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