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02/11/2011 5:35 PMPosted by Bof
remember when the game didn't need hotfixes every. single. day.?

Sure do. It sucked because you had to wait for things to be fixed on patch day and had to download a patch every single time.
02/11/2011 5:35 PMPosted by Mindplague
Shadow Power (Shadow priest mastery) is being changed from 25% to 15% of Shadow damage.

Shadow Power is not our mastery. I assume you mean orbs.

Yeah, oops. Mastery = Spec passive. :P Updated OP to make sense.

We are also looking at nerfing Aimed Shot, but compensating hunters through Aspect of the Hawk. We are also likely to lower Arcane mage mana cost in some way, which will in turn buff their dps.

I love you so much

I'll miss the new aimed shot(!) but honestly making our entire rotation monotonous and boring when standing still to extremely complicated while moving was the biggest upset ive had since Cata

But on the same topic
Can master's call be given a more "hunter-y" look to it instead of a pink/purple "paladin-y" effect?

Even a color change to green would make me happy're putting us back in the same spot as we were pre 4.0.6 and completely ignored the rng from Shadowy Apparitions and Harness Shadows (shadow orbs)? I wouldn't mind the nerf so much if you actually gave us more consistency instead of a spec that's completely based off rng. We really weren't dominating any fights that we shouldn't have in the first place (multiple targets up to constantly dot). How about make our shadow orbs proc as much as holy power currently since their numbers are through the roof atm. After that we could call things close to even since we're both hybrid classes, hence, we should be treated forth on the same plane.

I'm not mad, just disappointed, especially after calling it our mastery when it's a spec specialization.
I understand the concern about fury burst but overall Raging Blow doesn't seem to be over the top broken like people have been saying. Heroic strike was nerfed into the ground so all the other abilities were buffed to make up for the damage gap to keep warriors competitive and RB barely shifted in our overall damage%. The biggest contributor to the increase in dps is that we dropped mass amounts of hit for other stats since we no longer need to pool rage for HS.
I approve of the changes to Spriest and Fury Warriors (slightly less so).

But I must say "ouch" to Moonkins as my 2s team was kind of destroying any Moonkin we came across last night.
Then again I haven't seen any PvE logs of Moonkin DPS so it could be entirely justified.
02/11/2011 5:02 PMPosted by Bashiok
We are also looking at nerfing Aimed Shot, but compensating hunters through Aspect of the Hawk

I have a question: Why are you buffing us back up through aspect of the hawk? In today's raid environment, we're in aspect of the fox the majority of the time now just because of the sheer amount of movement in today's raid encounters.

Aimed shot is an ability used mostly in PvP, and for the vast majority of the time that we're doing PvP as a hunter, we're in aspect of the fox, not hawk. The instant aimed shot we gain from improved steady shot isn't a large contributor to our damage in PvE, and it seems that you guys do NOT want us to hardcast aimed shot in PvE like we've currently taken to doing.

Also, can you do us hunters a favor and re-evaluate survival? Explosive shot and black arrow (Our specialization ability and 31 point talent, respectively), are BOTH dps-losses to use because you guys overnerfed them both, so the spec's currently playing as "launch traps into melee range of the boss and spam arcane shot". It isn't fun. At all. And no, the solution to the problem isn't "nerf arcane shot", because BM (And presumably MM again once you guys nerf aimed shot) uses that too.

It is INCREDIBLY frustrating to me to see my class' dps ping-pong back and forth like this. It isn't fun, and all of the hunter theorycrafters are BOGGLED as to why you guys nerfed the spec as badly as you did. Survival's 5% agility nerf, maybe an 8% agility nerf, was really all you guys needed to do to rein us back into the middle of the pack, because we scale TERRIBLY and were already being outclassed by other classes once they got their gear. (survival shots don't scale with weapon damage, for instance).
any word on haste fix, which you guys seem to be dodging
02/11/2011 5:51 PMPosted by Shotyz
any word on haste fix, which you guys seem to be dodging

I thought the haste fix was already live.
I'm curious if this nerf for Moonkins was being made with the knowledge of the bugs that are present in the class, including the Starfall bug and the 4-piece T11 oddities.

But oh well. :)
We are also looking at nerfing Aimed Shot, but compensating hunters through Aspect of the Hawk.

This doesn't make sense at all. MM still isn't higher than survival in dps (unless in near-all BiS) and this would be buffing Survival and Beast Mastery and only nerfing MM. Granted, bm needs a little something extra but do you really want to put survival back to what it was a week ago? xD

If you do this you'll be nerfing the wrong thing and buffing an even wronger thing.
I don't even play those classes but it still sucks because it nerfs our overall raid dps in heroic raids. /sadface
02/11/2011 5:54 PMPosted by Simcá
any word on haste fix, which you guys seem to be dodging

I thought the haste fix was already live.

He means the "Steady shot and Cobra shot will now scale with haste" goof that was supposedly going to "Make haste a much more desirable stat for hunters and will raise hunter DPS overall" gaffe that blizzard made over on the hunter forums a couple weeks back that was supposedly justification for nerfing survival.

The problem with that is that steady shot and cobra shot BOTH scaled with haste already, and that the supposed dps increase we were supposed to get with the haste changes never made it to live. The nerfs to our signature shots because of the supposed dps increase, however, did.
Really wish there would be some looking at of Elemental Shamans.

We're mid-bottom of the charts on stationary single target mobs since the patch, and it only gets worse when we have to move : /.

It would be so easy to make our spells hit a little harder, or mastery to have a higher base %, or even just a new spell to work into our rather simple rotation.

But with subpar aoe, subpar single target, and our only utility being a 5 sec interrupt... it isnt a fun place to be : (.
02/11/2011 5:02 PMPosted by Bashiok
  • Shadow Power (Shadow priest passive) is being changed from 25% to 15% of Shadow damage.

  • When you made this decision, did you take into account the fact that Shadow Priest DPS is vastly inflated by Dark Intent on the PvE side of things?
    Ouch, boomkins got nerfed another 2% down to 6% since you first posted these notes.

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