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I'm frankly disgusted with some of the hunters in this thread. You realize that people are force casting Aimed Shot as their best PvE dps rotation don't you? Is this a case of:
-You don't know
-You don't want to admit it

If it's the former, you don't actually experiment enough that you should be commenting on changes.
If it's the later, you are the worst kind of poster.

Aimed shot spam is out of control in PvE AND PvP. Mis selling yourself on the forums doesn't avoid fixes. It just hinders actual feedback.

(to those hunters just talking about how hawk is a bad place to rebuff but admitting aimed shot needs to be toned down, I'm sorry, this isn't directed at you.)

We know. Do you know why we have to hard cast it? It maintains our dps. And we don't want it nerfed because the survival tree and the marks tree will be almost exactly the same in terms of rotations with Arcane Shot being our ONLY option as a focus dump. Also, Hawk is the worst place to be giving buffs. It could be worse, they could have added it to aspect of the pack instead.
02/11/2011 5:02 PMPosted by Bashiok
We are also likely to lower Arcane mage mana cost in some way, which will in turn buff their dps. These don’t have those specifics just yet, but do keep an eye on the 4.0.6 hotfix blog for these and other changes as they come through.

If this is the case you all really don't get it. You are going to make arcane even more boring. By reducing the mana cost we have to spam the same spell even more. Cata started with arcane having a fun and challenging rotation where you actually had to manage mana (although with low dps) and this will take the fun out of the spec. Aside from that, for most fights fire is still better because of the utility (aoe slow, aoe stun).
We’re in the process of planning for a number of hotfixes that are intended to be implemented within the next day or two. To help give some heads up notice we’re currently looking to make the following changes:

  • Shadow Power (Shadow priest passive) is being changed from 25% to 15% of Shadow damage.

  • Moonfury (Balance druid mastery) is being changed from 15% to 6% Arcane and Nature damage.

  • Raging Blow reduced from 120% to 100% weapon damage at max level.

  • I guess the PTR blizzard sets up for testing is completely useless
    02/11/2011 5:02 PMPosted by Bashiok
    Raging Blow reduced from 120% to 100% weapon damage at max level.

    Since your nerfing RB, can you atleast add a bit of threat reduction during the Colossus Smash debuff?
    So you nerf moonkins after buffing mastery. Well played Blizz. Too late to give you back the mastery buff and keeping Moonfury where it is?
    It's an 8% nerf in dps...

    125% * 0.92 = 115%

    Stings less... Now if only our "Mastery" was less RNG based.

    Herp derp. I was blinded by anger at "Wrath shadowpriests all over again", 8% is more reasonable, I can see it being okay, but I'm still really nervous about it. My point about the whole numbers stands!

    And yeah, doing something like 60% of the dps I should be doing during a bloodlust thanks to 0 orb procs is really fun while being "overpowered".
    02/11/2011 6:19 PMPosted by Vyas

    Please explain why you're nerfing a shot who's activation is based completely off of RNG unlike anything else in the game. You could have a really bad streak of MMM and not proc one for a while. Also, this nerf would only affect mm which isn't the top dps spec. While buffing survival and bm.

    Also, as someone else pointed out...we spend a lot of time in these new raids in aspect of the fox so it's a shame the buff would come in the form of Hawk rather than something kill command or arcane shot.

    MM is the top dps spec. If it's not for you, youre doing it really really wrong.

    The only issue I seriously have with this is that it appears to be balanced around an external buff, namely, Dark Intent. Only with this buff, do shadow priests appear near the top of the meters when compared to equally skilled players of other classes. Not all of us will have DI, and certainly not all the time, and I don't see what the issue is with DI pushing any class to the top of DPS meters.

    It's like bringing in a shaman or mage for Heroism -- you fully expect higher than average dps out of everyone for those 40 seconds, it's intended. I would think that DI has a similar purpose, to boost damage (or healing) for a particular player. If druid heals were balanced around having DI, the amount of QQ would be ridiculous, so why is shadow priest dps being balanced around having DI?

    The fact that we benefit the most from it is rather fortunate for us, which means that we quite often are the ones to receive DI. Thus our dps parses often appear quite high relative to other classes -- as it should be. How is this so different from raising someone's dps using personal buffs like Power Infusion? If one class happens to be the best recipient for PI and receive it often, this does NOT mean they should be balanced around having that buff, I'm sorry.
    What's the word with Whiptail? Working as intended or is a fix inc?
    I hope Ozruk is nerfed. I just got done doing The stonecore heroic. I got there because people in the original party left. So I was the 8th person to try and down Ozruk. We wiped a few times but after 58 minutes we finally got him down. Took us 3 different tanks. He has too fast of a paralize cd. I have pictures of dead bodies scattered around Ozruk if you want to see them I could 34 skeletons. The last boss took us less then 2 minutes to kill.
    I will still play my hunter regardless but I will say that I do not enjoy the Aimed Shot priority rotation we have right now. Certainly isn't very fun and is very very easy to get behind with movement intensive fights. Making up for it with a Hawk buff scares me a little bit.

    I would plea that the Devs pay special attention to how much time we spend, especially in PvP, in Aspect of the Fox. Rolling dmg into Hawk is frightening for me especially with a dispellable MC. In Arenas this makes us not only the clear train target (which is okay I suppose) but also a target very very susceptible to any class with a dispel and slow while forcing us to take a gimped Fox dps posture to do anything.

    It brings us back to being exceptionally vulnerable to slows while also having to sacrifice significant dmg to shoot on the move in Fox which won't happen often since we're deadzoned w/ a 45 sec CD freedom that is neutralized by an instant low CD/no CD dispel. And yes, if it can be spellstolen then there is literally no possible way to kill a knowledgeable mage. It would really hurt your team more than help it. Maybe give disengage the ability to remove slowing/snare effects. Even if it can reapplied instantly at least it forces another mobility CD from your attacker(s).

    I might suggest a lower dmg Aimed shot w/ a lower cast time. Maybe keeping the "Aimed" portion significant by giving it a higher crit all the time vs. just 80-100%. Maybe just 10% more than paperdoll or something. Hell, even rolling Aimed into Fox for mobile casts would be ok-sh

    I don't know for certain I guess. I like the fact that class balancing is being taken very seriously. I wish I had more realistic suggestions to give but all I know is current MM is like "driving a car with square wheels", very clunky, BM is boring and the pet AI makes a lot of fights really annoying, and the SV nerf is okay for the current gear level (359) but too much for heroic gear and future tiers.

    It may be biased, but my shaman, priest, and DK feel great to play, but my hunter feels like it needs some serious mechanical help.
    02/11/2011 5:02 PMPosted by Bashiok
    Moonfury (Balance druid mastery) is being changed from 15% to 6% Arcane and Nature damage.

    So our damage outside of Eclipse already blows, and now you're going to make it worse?

  • Shadow Power (Shadow priest passive) is being changed from 25% to 15% of Shadow damage.

  • I can agree that shadow dps was too high, I think that a 10% across the board nerf in damage is overkill, but I'm withholding final judgement until I see it. Consider the following though: you buffed Mind Sear because Shadow Priest AoE was awful. It still isn't competitive but it's not an embarrassment anymore. I strongly suspect this is going to make Mind Sear awful again. Are you planning to address this in your hotfix as well?

    Could we just go back to 4.0.3 where you thought we were okay on damage? yeah our mind sear sucked, but its gonna suck with this change also.
    I have to add, the entire thing about moonkin reliant on eclipse to do competitive DPS is also one of the big reasons why it underperforms in PvP.

    Eclipse just doesn't work when you have to cast 5 starfires in a row. It's a worse mechanic than arcane blast spam because each consecutive AB boosts dmg and reduce cast time, so its a incremental increase. With Moonkins, it's all or nothing. You either finish that 5th starfire and get a 50% dmg buff or you don't, and suck.

    It's also this wide dmg gap in and out of eclipse that makes it hard to balance. This is exactly why its making you devs think the appropriate nerf is to Moonfury. This is not the right way to go about it. It should in fact be the reverse.

    The first step is to make eclipse not be such a HUGE dmg modifier. Then up the baseline dmg slightly to compensate.

    Moonfury increased from 15% -> 25%. Eclipse Dmg nerfed by 15-20%. This balances PvE and makes Moonkin PvP dps less horrid outside of Eclipse.

    Edit: Mastery shouldn't increase Eclipse dmg, it would just get out of hand again causing obscene crits (which is bad for pvp). It should increase energy gains to reach eclipse faster or reduce energy loss when in an eclipse to retain the buffs longer.
    Starfall is exceeding 20 stars
    STUPID Wild Mushroom buffed and exceeds 20 cap, very situational (AoE fights)

    ...and you nerf Balance Druids? My pre-ordering of Rift™ seems like a better choice every day.

    Perhaps instead of nerfing you should focus your collective attention to fixing problems such as Starfall exceeding 20 stars, Starfall still pullling mobs not in combat, Moonkin Form glitches when looting (at least you accidentally fixed the glitch when jumping and casting), our total lack of ability in PvP, our absolute crap 4pc PvP set bonus, etc,etc.

    I am seriously questioning the direction WoW is headed. Perhaps "peeling" a few back from Titan for awhile to help restore order would be a good start.

    Glad you didn't let Fury Warriors last very long.

    It was getting rather silly watching them crit for over 30k with both weapons in PvP.

    Shadow Power is not our mastery. I assume you mean orbs.

    Yeah, oops. Mastery = Spec passive. :P Updated OP to make sense.

    You missed the Moonkin one too. Moonfury is our passive as well and not our Mastery =]

    Sure miss Starfall being able to actually hit mobs though.

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