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Bravo Bash, Bravo! I would like to applaud you guys for listening to the masses on this forum and changing it back!

They earned it under the original criteria, they should get to keep it.


Thank you for a number of things with this post, Bash.

First, we appreciate the heads up on Blizzard's immediate plans as well as a preview of both what the obstacle is and the intention going forward with the future for this and similar achievements and titles.

Second, we appreciate both the acknowledgement of the error and the apology from the developers for not informing the community.

I offer this part as an attempt both to acknowledge what you guys go through and also to remind you of where we, as the players, stand on these kinds of things. Though I know you guys are human, every so often I see something that makes me wonder if you have an entirely realistic expectation of how players will, should and even can react.

I agree that the forums need to be a pleasant, productive place. Obsceninites, threats, name-calling - we can be more mature than that, and should be. And when an immature minority take to the flame-war and just tear into you guys, sure - they should get some discipline for that.

But when, as in this case, the player base is so fired up and so many people are reacting viscerally that you have to mete out - as you put it - innumerable suspensions... that should communicate to you that it might not be the player-base that is causing the problem. Now, you acknowledged that the fault for causing this problem falls on you guys (I can't express how refreshing that is), but I do question if perhaps (and I offer this as food for thought) the developers have gotten too sensitive and too ban-happy when people express frustration in a less than ideally constructive way.

I know it's an ongoing process. But spirited discussions are going to include frustration and even anger from time to time. Look at Congress! :)

This was very foolish of you.

Oh? Why do you think so?
Bash, I hope that you get through 10 pages to read this.

I think, from everyone I've spoken to about this change, that the issue was with 50 reps.

Changing the requirement to 45 would have been fine.

Coming into Cata, I had 41 Exalted reps. After grinding all the new factions to exalted, I have 47. I feel, as do others, that it should have been enough to grind every new faction to exalted to keep the title. But I would have been short 3 if you kept it at 50. This would have requried me to go back to vanilla content to farm up very difficult reps; for an achievement that I had already completed.

Again, I dont think most people would have minded grinding up Cata reps to keep it, as you stated you wanted the title to 'grow' with the scale of the game. The issue was that even with every Cata rep at exalted *and* having the title already, we were still short. God knows I didn't want to turn in darkmoon faire decks just to get a title.

I'm a bit disappointed that you guys caved in back to 40. I'm sure 99% of the people will applaud the decision, but I think the title can "grow" with the game and still not piss people off. 45, not 50, that would have done it.

Recently we changed 'the Exalted' title to require 50 exalted titles up from 40, which meant those that had achieved it were now asked to get 10 more reputations to gain the title back. We felt this kept the title as a difficult reward given the additional reputations introduced with Cataclysm, and also avoided the problem of achievement inflation as the game continues to grow, devaluing the reward.

We didn’t let people know beforehand that we were making this change. A pretty cut and dry error on our part. We take full responsibility for not communicating the change properly, and apologize for the frustration it added to the situation. Unfortunately, that frustration in some people’s cases went to an extreme. Over the past couple days we’ve handed out innumerable suspensions to people who were unable to stay within the forum code of conduct while posting about this change. We of course understand passions can run hot, but some of the violations were extreme enough to remove people’s posting privileges permanently. It’s unfortunate because rational, calm, and constructive posting is the type of feedback that’s taken, discussed, and can help encourage real change. For those that were able to adhere to those posting ideals, we truly thank you for your efforts in keeping your cool.

We took your constructive posts and points, and after discussing the change for quite a while with the designers, the decision has been made to move ‘the Exalted’ title back to require 40 exalted reputations. We’re going to attempt this change with a hotfix, but are unsure at this time if it will be able to be applied through a hotfix. It’s possible that a client patch will be required. (We’ll let you know if it does.)

The 45 and 50 exalted reputation achievements will continue to exist, but for the time being won’t provide anything beyond achievement points. As some have questioned why the title isn’t grandfathered like ‘the Loremaster’ or ‘the Explorer’ titles, these function differently mechanically. While their requirements have changed, the actual achievement is the same. There’s no tech currently that allows us to give a title for an achievement and then move that title to a different achievement altogether and have people keep them. We are however working on such a technology that will allow players to keep items or titles associated with achievements even if we decide to change that criteria. So, say if we eventually decide to move ‘the Exalted’ title to an achievement which requires 60 reputations in the next expansion (just as an example), players who already earned the title at 40 reputations will get to keep the title when the criteria changes. This technology would allow us to let players keep titles or items they’ve already earned, while ensuring we don’t get stuck in a position where we have to continually generate new rewards just so those who earned them originally don’t lose them.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Thank you.

You have gained my trust again, Blizzard. I hope for the future things like this don't happen again.

Thanks for listening to the community.

And to the community: Thanks for sticking together and raising your voices in a constructive (for the most part) way.

02/11/2011 10:31 PMPosted by Pietro
I worry that the bile spewed by the community prevented Blizzard from maintaining the change and am saddened if this is the case because recent posting patterns from players disgust me.

Arthas isn't nearly as difficult to down now.
Neither is Algalon.
Hrm, those Wrath heroic achieves are rather devalued too now, aren't they?
Oh, and you can still get frostwyrms too, hmm?

Trying to make a title that only a few people focused on getting suddenly scaling... when they didn't remove things like Kingslayer and Starcaller... When you can get through raid achieves with four times the health you used to have... Do you not realize how odd that would be?
02/12/2011 12:49 AMPosted by Varalia
Now that you guys have decided that removing rewards for achievements is a bad thing, could I get back my paladin charger?

Things in the game change. Trying to equate changes in the game to removal of aspects of your character's advancement that still exist in the game is a bit disingenuous.
This is a HUGE deal. This, on top of giving us our pretty purple talbuks back, made me rethink canceling my sub. High five.
02/12/2011 1:26 AMPosted by Britchrodd
Things in the game change. Trying to equate changes in the game to removal of aspects of your character's advancement that still exist in the game is a bit disingenuous.

A. That's a very weak argument.

B. If they'd originally done the Charger questline, it's damned well a part of their character's advancement, as you put it.
Thank you Blizzard for reconsidering this; thank you Bashlok for being the messenger and default whipping boy/girl from us.

I have said many times that I don't have this achievement and don't plan on getting it, but I felt the right thing to do was to unsub because I have many in-game friends who labored long and hard to achieve this. I had hoped the entire time that you would reconsider this and you did. My faith has been renewed in you. I'm so happy to be staying!

Huzzah Blizzard, Huzzah!!!
For once, you listened, I am Impressed; my account remains canceled, but, at least now I'm reconsidering. (and no the exalted title wasn't the reason for my cancellation, it was one of many)
Thank you guys very much for this decision. I tried desperately to tell people that you guys WERE listening. Hopefully this is not quickly forgotten, and people will be far more patient the next time an incident like this arises.
Yes, my pally would DEFINITELy like to have the charger back, instead of the ugliest mount in the game, the rejected carnival ride that is too big for a draenei even, girly looking, waste of the des teams time, as if being called squidface isnt bad enough, so ugly it cant be called a racial mount cause it is way worse than the other draenei mounts, whateveritis!
I really applaud Blizzard for correcting a very bad initial decision.

This is a good thing, and restores trust.

Thank you Blizzard for listening, thank you for reconsidering and thank you for for correcting it.

I don't get it. I have 40 exalted reputations. But I get why they upped it to 50. And in a way I agree.... Wasn't really that upset when I found out... But should have been maybe 45? Don't know why people are qqing.
^^^ This. 45 would have been fine.

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