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I have no idea if this would be workable but...

Why not make two achievements. One is for points, the other is a FoS for title. It would work like this:

1) Keep the point achievement as it is: 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40... etc. You could add achievement slots as needed per expansion.

2) Create a Feat of Strength which grants "The Exalted" when the current threshold is reached. So people who earn 40 reps during WoLK would get the FoS and title for that achievement. Then, when Blizzard decides to raise the bar for the next expansion (Cataclysm in this case), the FoS and title would be awarded at 50 titles.

(In other words, the FoS is "Earn X reputations during Expansion Y")

Again, I am no programmer, so there may be some restrictions making this more difficult (or impossible) than it seems, but wouldn't this approach allow Blizzard to raise the bar as needed while allowing people who have earned it already to keep it?
Thank you! Thank you very much. I worked very hard just to get that title and I wore it with great pride throughout LK.

Thank you for giving it back to us and listening and dealing with our posts.
Moves like this make me stay with the game... thanks again.
You could get past the difficulty of grandfathering "The Exalted" title with each expansion by doing the following:

1. Change the title of the current "40 Exalted Reputations" achievement to "The Exalted", keeping the title linked to it. This would allow those who already attained the title to keep it.

2. Change the requirement for satisfying this renamed "The Exalted" achievement to successful completion of whatever the current expansion highest "X Exalted Reputations" achievement is. IE, make the requirement for the "The Exalted" achievement be a relative link to the specific achievement that is the highest reputation achievement of the current expansion. Whenever a new expansion comes out, just change the requirement on the achievement "The Exalted" to the next appropriate "X Exalted Reputations" achievement. This is what was done with Loremaster, if I understand correctly.

3. Add a new achievement "40 Exalted Reputations" that specifically requires 40 exalted reputations to replace the original "40 Exalted Reputations" that you renamed to "The Exalted" in order to allow people who have already gained the title to keep it. If coding requires a name that doesn't conflict with past achievement names, add an extra space or change it to "40 Exalted Reputations (part deux)" or something.
Thank you! I saw this post on MMO Champion this morning and you wouldn't believe how big my smile was, just knowing that the players -can- get things like this changed if enough of us raise our voices, and that the devs will actually listen.
Thank you for reconsidering and deciding to reverse the change. Thank you for the graceful apology and acknowledgment that the situation could have been handled better. And thank you for saying you will keep us informed. This is much appreciated.

Very eliquently stated.
And double ditto.
Thanks for caving into the casual player base. It's gonna be really had to get 40 exalted reps now....with all 234879 factions in the game and tabards that give rep in RFC.

To summarize, I do not approve.
I still see nothing wrong with having a singular achievement and title that must be maintained and increased with every new expansion in order to keep it.

So it went from 40 to 50. Big whoop. Next expansion, it goes to 60, and everyone who had the 50 now needs to get another 10 to re-earn the title to reflect CURRENT content levels.

Put the original change back in. It will just be that much more meaningful for the people that don't just let it sit and rot at 40.
Look out! This title is going to hold as much prestige as KINGSLAYER!!!
Community Managers and Game Developers,

All of us (whether at The Exalted or not) thank you for this change. The fact that you are willing to admit the mistake and furthermore willing to make it right again restores my faith in Blizzard's excellent customer service. Three days ago I felt like my twenty year relationship with Blizzard's product had been soured, but I'm so glad you chose to do the right thing.

Remember that most people didn't have a problem with moving the achievement to 50 reputations, just taking away the title for people who already had it. I've seen many ideas to add different rewards at 50 and 60 when you get there (title at 40, mount or something else later). Perhaps an Exalted tabard with some sort of cool effect.
Darkmoon Faire
Hydraxian Waterlords
Booty Bay
Hellscream's Reach

you could get all those.

also, I'm a goblin not a troll.
I kind of liked the idea of a title being symbolic of having done lots of content in the past while still continuing to do content in the present. Oh well.
Thanks for caving into the casual player base. It's gonna be really had to get 40 exalted reps now....with all 234879 factions in the game and tabards that give rep in RFC.

To summarize, I do not approve.

Take a look at my reputations.

I have 47. I had the achievement in Wrath.

Tell me what I could get to Exalted. C'mon, make my day.

Ogri'la is easy.
Hydraxian Waterlords is solo'able.
Silverwing and League you just need to farm them for awhile.
Steamwheedle you can do a long grind to exalted.

That's 8 right there you can get all alone playing. Granted the pvp ones would be easier in good premades.
well look it adds on 10 rep each x-pac, you're willing to grind out 40 reps before but you can't do 10 more once an xpac lands?

Also, Renas if you did do all those it'd put you to 55 which is 5 over the title cap, which means only 5 factions for the next x-pac.

How are you going to feel when every player on your server has "The Exalted"? When those players spent significantly less time and is much less meaningful to them than you, because it was handed to them?? I'm just saying I don't like having a hard earned title "Cheapened".

How would you feel if they took out the cartel for the insane?

I take it you've looked, and have no answer.

I am missing 2/3 Battleground reps, which require hundreds upon HUNDREDS of WINS in each battleground. Far beyond what is required for Battlemaster.
I am missing Ogri'la, which is admittedly pretty easy.
I am missing Hydraxian Waterlords. The Molten Core rep. You get 1100 reputation per run. Slightly more for me, because I'm GLORIOUS HUMAN MASTER RACE.
I am missing the Steamwheedle Cartel reps, Shen'drelar, Ravenholdt, and Darkmoone Faire. Each of these is required for THE INSANE.

You're telling me that, in order to have the title that I have ALREADY earned, I need to:

Play thousands of hours of battlegrounds.
13 weeks of Molten Core.
A bunch of bombing quests
Grind out The Insane.

Yeah, no. The title ain't that prestigious, troll.

You're at 47 just like one of my mains. You wouldn't need to complete every single one of them. It's 50. Meaning you need 3.
Ogri'la is easy as hell.
MC takes about 30 minutes and you only have to do it once a week, that's how long it takes my main skipping all the trash since like you is revered. So that's 2 of the 3 you need.
Also Guild levels increase the amount of rep you earned if they are high enough. Being human that's yet another bonus on top of that.
So then out of all the ones you have left you can choose 1 of them, hell could even go for Wintersaber Trainers and get you a mount while you're at it.

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