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Cataclysm added 6 reputations.

It wants 10 more.

This level of trolling wouldn't even pass on 4chan. And they have some piss-poor standards.

The expansion is also still early. Do you believe that no more reputations will be added throughout the course of the expansion? We're on the first raiding tier. There will always be at least 1 more at the end, now it is just dependant on if tier 2 of the expansion adds anymore or if they add another in somewhere else.
Glad everyone came to the right decision over there at Blizzard! But be warned, I'm watching you!


02/12/2011 6:52 AMPosted by Drìck
Look out! This title is going to hold as much prestige as KINGSLAYER!!!

If that's your opinion, then the title never had any prestige at all, so why do you even care?

02/12/2011 7:14 AMPosted by Watsfordiner
The expansion is also still early. Do you believe that no more reputations will be added throughout the course of the expansion? We're on the first raiding tier. There will always be at least 1 more at the end, now it is just dependant on if tier 2 of the expansion adds anymore or if they add another in somewhere else.

Doesn't matter, if they add X reps, then that is by how many the cap should be raised, not more. Gaining the title back shouldn't require factions that aren't even in the game yet. If someone is at 40 upon the release of Cataclysm, they shouldn't have to go back to Old World, BC or Wrath to get more factions to exalted than come with the initial release of the expansion.
Thank you
Have to remember at the end of the day this is a business. They will do everything and anything possible to extend the amount of time players will want to subscribe to their product, including removing titles and achievements. You think this will be the last time something like this happens? You are sorely wrong. You may wake up one day and see all your points have been reset. Why? Because. I think that would be hilarious, but I've got a unique sense of humor.

You have to realize that Achievement points, like Xbox Live gamer score and Fantasy Football statistics and arguably all Soccer fame only represent how committed you are to mindless, repetitive and addictive garbage. Remember the first time you killed an NPC? Well, you've been doing the same Rinse and Repeat routine over and over and over again. Because you can do it so many times and become Exalted with 40, 45, 50 imaginary friends doesn't make you better. In fact, it makes you much, much sadder.

And as we all know, Blizzard feeds on sadness.
Now relax, pay your monthly fees for new content maybe twice a year and QQ moar.
Thanks Blizzard.

Looking forward to that new tech.
Thank you.
I'm very glad to hear of this change. While I know 50 reps isn't impossible to get (One of the people in my guild retained his title after the patch, a fact he mentioned REPEATEDLY in guild chat), it was very disappointing to have been stripped of it after earning it. Hopefully the tech mentioned by Bashiok will be in place soon so that great rewards can scale with the game without taking them away from people who earned them earlier.

I wish the communication had been better, and it's too bad that so many people let their emotions get the better of them, but it's good to see Blizzard doing what is, I feel, the right thing.
It's sad to see that every post in here which isn't oozing praise, has been either voted down or reported.

Sadly, the people who were happy with this change and decided to go finish grinding out their rep to complete the 50 instead of coming here and posting profanities and screaming "change it back or i'll cancel my sub", are not welcome to voice their opinion.

02/12/2011 7:04 AMPosted by Drìck
How are you going to feel when every player on your server has "The Exalted"? When those players spent significantly less time and is much less meaningful to them than you, because it was handed to them?? I'm just saying I don't like having a hard earned title "Cheapened".

I won't care? Because it's a title that everyone deserves a fair chance at? And because I don't care when other people own the same things I do, as you shouldn't?

I really like that you're missing the point of why people complained about this change to begin with.

OT, thank you, Blizzard.
To little to late. Three accounts gone with the last two expiring on or near R I F T launch date!
Would it really have been that difficult to change 'The Exalted' into a Feat of Strength, granted on patch to those with the achievement already (ie. 40 exalted), but after the patch granted to those that hit 50 reps? I know it wouldn't be as intuitive to read in the achievement pane that way, but honestly, how many people do you think aim for the Exalted title without doing any research at all on it? This system would also make it easier to raise the cap in the future, since all you'd have to do is change which achievement level grants the Feat of Strength instead of building new tech to handle grandfathering. Might want to consider making all titles work like this, come to think of it...
After reading the blue post, I'm disappointed that they couldn't leave it at 50 but grandfather in those who were awarded it at 40 before 4.0.6 dropped. On the other hand, I'm happy that I'll be getting my title back! It doesn't matter if other people will be getting it easier than I have because I know I worked hard for it back when 40 was "cool". I'm also happy to see that they're working on this technology for the future so that other similar titles (like maybe Loremaster or Explorer?) don't get "inflated". Good call Blizz.
The reversal, while welcome, is hardly worth thanking Blizzard for. It's like being thankful to someone who just stabbed you.

It shouldn't have been done in the first place, or at the very least they should have gotten their story straight to begin with, instead of letting it fester for 200 pages with nothing from Blizzard other than "We think the title is awesome!".

I dont understand how ppl can say the GMs and Devs deserve a thanks.. Thats like you giving praise to the Doctor that screwed up a surgery because he thought you would like an extra nostril without even asking you your opinion. Then after you threatened to sue he operates again and fixes it. How does that constitute a reward ??
Excellent news. I was very close to 48 and will probably have 50 before Tuesday. I hope there's something added for the 50 one too, but hey. The important thing is that I'm getting back the title I had since May 2009, either way.
Thank you.
I want to personally thank you for changing this back, it will make a difference for alot of us.
Cheers for listening to your customers.

Jeers for even thinking it was a good idea in the first place. Seems to be a recurring theme lately.

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