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Thank You
Does anyone see how easy it is to gain rep these days? Back in the day, you turned in runecloth.. lots of it. Now.. you buy a tabard, and it just rolls in. Even before the tabard there was a time when gaining rep was even upped by doing low level quests for a certain faction. Now it is one of the easiest things to do in the game, and you don't even have to think about it. Take away flying in the old world, tabards and leave people with doing only quests.. then keep it at 40 or whatever. Giving in to kids who want instant gratification won't make them play any longer. This is just like the caving on the insane title, which along with the exalted title, I got the hard way.. which was the right way.
I say good day.
p.s. where is my participation trophy? Oh.. thats right, I got the one for actually trying.
Thank you =)
You know, if you guys woulda just said this during the first day that people noticed this, you could have quelled most of the firestorm surrounding this issue, instead of waiting for the flames to build hotter and hotter...
I think instead of taking it it all the way back down to 40 was necessary. Keeping at the Cata 45 reps, would have been acceptable to me. Including the new reps, I am at 48 exalted reps, but I find trying to get the last 2 I need for 50 a bit daunting.

Reps you can no longer gain:

Shen'dralar - They took away the ability to earn this rep.

Zandalar Tribe - They took away the ability to earn this rep. However I did have this one already.

Reps that require raiding, which of course have week long cool downs:

Brood of Nozdormu - Extremely difficult to receive, as Blizzard removed it's quest chains, and quest givers. Also you start out as hated. You can still farm a lot of rep in AQ40, but takes at least 2 player to do. The 1st boss is a bit hard for a lone hunter, I keep killing my own pet. Sometimes you can find someone interested in going for the mounts. you can't use them outside of AQ, But they do count toward the mount achievements.

Hydraxian Waterlords - A bit difficult to receive Blizzard removed it's quest chains, and quest givers. You can still farm a lot of rep in MC, and you can solo it at level 85. But after getting revered you only earn rep by killing bosses.

Ashtongue Deathsworn - You can solo farm rep in BT but you need to be able to access it first By completing quest prerequisite chains in TK, which for a lone hunter is hard to do, since I can only heal myself using bandages and potions , and can’t Instant fully heal my pet.

The Scale of the Sands - You can farm Battle of Mount Hyjal for this, and The Vials of Eternity Quest chain which requires TK. Both takes more then one lone hunter.

Horde PVP reps: (By the way I hate PVP there is a reason I am on a PVP server).

Frostwolf Clan - I did get this a very long time ago, as it was not too bad as they had a lot of quest as well as PVP to obtain this, beside AV had NPC, and other fun objectives. However now a days if you try to do some of the quests, people will try to get you kicked, for not taking part in the battle.

The Defilers - AB was ok but the horde does not know how to defend bases, so it got a bit frustrating at times.

Warsong Outriders - I hated WG, besides again the Horde didn't even try to defend the flag.


Ravenholdt - Unless you are rogue or maybe a Blacksmith, with keys to burn, this one is a long mind numbing grind, with mob kills only earning 1 to 3 rep point each.

Ogri'la - Mind numbing Limited number dailies to begin with(one of which requires 4 people), until Honored, and a few more quest open up.

Keepers of time - this can be soloed in a few weeks by farming both normal and heroic Old Hillsbrad.

Guild rep. I am Revered with my guild right now, should be Exalted within a few weeks. However if I should ever change guilds, I would have to start all over again.
**Thank you, Blizz!**

Now if we just had some word on United Nations (why is it a solo achivement?) and the Keymaster (where is our feat of strength), I'd be a much happier camper.

This is a great first step though!

I get that you would be upset over it. I understand completely. I just lobbied at my place of employment to get a salary adjustment that I earned 7 months ago when I received a promotion but didn't receive the salary bump I should have. My employers have agreed to adjust my salary but effective now and not retro active to when I should have gotten it. That's about 1500 dollars out of my pocket that I 'should' have had and earned back then. So in a much more real sense I am in the same situation.

Am I going to quit my job over it? of course not that's stupid, but not quite as stupid over quitting a game you've played and enjoyed for potentially years over a title. Blizzard made a decision and implemented it without forewarning the gaming community probably because they didn't think it would be a big deal and the people who enjoyed the trek towards 40 reputations might, i know it sounds crazy, enjoy the trek to get another 10.

Come to find out, the people in this community don't like having to play the game the pay to play any more than they have to play it. So something gets taken away, and instead of doing what you spent countless hours already doing to re-achieve that people complain until they get what they want.

Believe me, I get it on a much more real level having something taken away that you've earned. What I don't get, is the infantile stupidity of quitting a game over it.

1) You need to go talk to HR or a lawyer because what your employer did was illegal.

2) Yes, if my job stiffed me on money, I would quit. Only someone with no self worth would stay at a job where they are stiffing their employees.

3) We pay to play, we spend a considerable amount of time to earn something (40 reps in Wrath was no walk in the park), and we don't want to log in one day and have it gone. I mean, if achievements worked that way and I was deployed to Afgan for a year. Would I come back to my character being equivalent to a fresh 85 in terms of titles and pets? Thank god they don't work that way.

4) Your analogy isn't even equivalent because your company didn't give you the money and then take it back.
thanks guys. glad to see you took a minute to think about your actions.
That was probably my favorite PVE title.. I think I had around 350 days played when I finally got it.. Lots of work indeed.. Thanks for bringin it back, I had no hope in getting 50 anytime soon because I now PVP only :)
I just want to say thank you. I have worked quite hard to get to the reps I have and to help the guild get to 55 and it has been quite daunting. I am just happy to see that Blizzard does listen. Thanks again
Thank you for (1) admitting you made a mistake and (2) fixing it.
I thank you for reconsidering this decision. I felt that the situation was handled poorly on Blizzard's part, and I'm glad that you guys owned up to this fact. I am glad to see that you still take the concerns of your players (at least the ones which effect and upset people the most) seriously.

Thank you for working to resolve this issue. I look forward to continuing my climb towards exalted. I am at 25 out of 40/50 at this time. I will probably work til I have all 50, just to feel like my reward is fully earned. I will wear the title proudly though.

This has restored my faith that Blizzard wont simply take away, what players have worked hard to achieve.

And although I was not part of the brawl which took place in the threads, I apologize on behalf of my fellow players. I know we give Blizzard a lot of heat when we don't like something. Some of this isn't always in the best taste. You put up with a lot from us, and even though it doesn't get said enough -- most of us do appreciate what you do.
Sigh. Follow the yellow brick QQ back to wotlk-itis. I am in the minority of people who would like this title to remain exclusive.
Blizzard this is one of the best things you could of done to those that had this title before this week...but do remember in the future to ask your player base what they think of things like this before you just rip them off and face the onslaught of 1000's of mad players coming at you from all sides. Bravo players you earned that title the hard way.

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