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"People will quit over a title?"

People will quit because they worked towards a reward and it was taken away from them. I'm sure you'd quit too if Blizzard took away every item and title you own. Then I'd say "LOL U QUIT OVER LOSING EVERYTHING? LOL NOOB". Stupid ass.
I got the title at 40, I got the title again? at 45. Ill get the title at 50 as well.

Bashiok, may I please have my 10 point "keymaster" Achievement back? (Even if its a FoS)


Bashiok, may I please have my 10 point "keymaster" Achievement back? (Even if its a FoS)


This please. We Keymaster people had a lot of threads too! They were mostly calm and constructive....please?
Thank you, BLIZZ!
I find the entire thing funny. This is one of the reasons why I'm taking a long hiatus from the game, in favor of something new like Rift. And not because the exalted title achievement was changed, whether with or without notice, but because the player base has become so rabid and elitist that people don't care what they say and demand the game is tailored to them.

Yeah. We pay $15 a month and because of it, we want a functioning product that is fun and entertaining. I worked over a year to get the insane title and here a few months ago, it was nerfed. Did I quit because of it, because it was now easier for even the casual player to get it? No. And to be honest, if Blizzard said "Oh hai guys, we're now adding [insert random rep here] for the insane title!" and took away mine until I got exalted with the new one, I'd grind it. Why? Because that's the name of the game. WoW is a place to have fun and ultimately is a time sink.

So advice, play the game. It sucks that certain things that were earned are lost in coding. I loved keymaster but it's never coming back. In the future other titles may be lost to be regained with more rep or dungeons. It's the name of the game. If quitting was the answer to new changes then why even raid for tier if the new raid four months later will replace all our gear. Or better yet, why play an entire expansion if the next expansion will surpass it?

A bit of something to chew on.

Blizzard, stay frosty.
I got an Idea!!!


Reinstate the titles for 40 exalted reputations to what it was, and ad another title for 50 Exalted Reputations!

Examples would be 40 Exalted Reputations = "The Exalted"

50 Exalted Reputations would = "The Supreme Exalted"

Any takers? This Idea keeps the people like me who earned the exalted title before Cata came out happy and will not deface the value of the achievement, in addition It would also give the players (like me as well) something to shoot for instead of just more Exalted Reps.

Its a Perfect Idea! Besides its the same way with Archeology and the "Assistant Professor" title and the Title after it, "Professor" I think It is.
Blizzard already said they didn't want to do that as it would just be a fuster cluck of new titles and an over all nightmare
Thank you, Blizzard, and Bashiok for taking the time to listen. You made the right decision.

And perhaps we'll have new titles for the 45/50 rep achievements in the future. :) The Acclaimed, the Undeniable, the Eminent, the Glorified... Heh, I could toss out ideas all day.
Thank you very much, Bashiok. That's a very satisfying explanation, apology, decision, and net result overall. Everything I asked for and more. I'm very pleased on many levels. GG Bashiok, Elothox, Blizzard, and everyone in the community. Nice job.
Thank you.

I would ask, however, that a few things be taken from this...on both sides of the situation:

1) Nothing is ever accomplished without communication. And by communication I mean actual, constructive give and take. As was said, passions have their place, but not to the point that they override a calm, rational discussion. But communication requires both parties be involved.

2) Yes, it is just a game, but it is a game that involves a continuous vested interest by the players. Without that interest people would not continue to pay to play the game. Decisions that can affect that interest should always be communicated in a transparent manner. If the details are known...beforehand...misunderstandings will not occur.

3) Change is inevitable, especially in MMO's where change encourages continuous interaction. Change should be embraced, but change should never occur simply for the sake of change. Change should fix, improve or innovate.

4) Be consistent. Please. It makes things easier to understand. Deep, fundamental changes should have sound reasoning behind them.

5) If it isn't fun, it needs to be worth the effort. If it is neither fun nor worth the effort it is probably a bad idea.

Again, thank you. Not so much for the change but in understanding...really...why people were unhappy with it.
02/12/2011 11:06 AMPosted by Lokis
I can't believe the drama this created. So now everyone who plays during this expansion gets almost handed the title. Just an awful attitude on the part of the player base that farming three or four more reps to regain their title wasn't worth their time, so instead they would rather have it trivialized.

Not really. To get to even 40 reputations requires that you go back in to old content and grind for a considerable amount of time. The only easy reputations to get involve tabard reputations from WotLK and current content. That may account for 15 reputations tops.

And understand, it was not about the title. It was about saying one thing and doing another, it was about not communicating with the customer, and it was about invalidating an entire game system for no more reason than someone thought it was "awesome".
Thank you for reverting this change.

I just want to clarify for some people: We had no problem with raising the bar to 50, and I understand why that was Blizzard's intent (and agree). The problem, as Bashiok stated, is that the technology does not currently exist to raise the achievement higher without taking the title from those that already have it. No one was crying to make it 'easier', we just wanted to not lose a title we worked for.

Boggles my mind how it was said "Hey it's ok if you raise it to 50 just don't take my title away because I already earned it" - And that translated to some of you as "Hey I want this achievement to remain easy, don't you dare raise it to 50!". Nothing of the sort was said by anyone that voiced their concerns.
Aendrith the Exalted rides again!

Thanks for reverting it, Blizz. It was pretty disappointing to lose it so fast. ...On the other hand, I am already at 43 reps >.>
02/12/2011 10:13 AMPosted by Lunitari
It would be really nice to know if that is intentional, or a bug, or what. Pretty please?


It's intentional.

You can't switch back and forth while keeping those reps at exalted.
It's one or the other.
Only actively exalted reputations count towards this.
It's never been any other way.
Can't you guys tie titles to dates as well as achievements? Something like:

if ( reputations >= 40 && date <= 12/7/10 )
award title;
cryMore ( noob );

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