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Ok I am flabbergasted. Seriously.

I dealt with the curveball of a change you guys "forgot" to tell us about; I was at 47 exalted and figured might as well go for 50. Now that I'm at 49 you guys go "Oops sorry it's back to 40 now teehee!"

Seriously Blizzard, after 6 years of WoW and 20 years in the business, you guys are still making blunders like these???
I think you guys missed the point on this one. A lot of people got this achievement back during the early days of wotlk. Those people should have been able to keep their titles. Now in cata it is obviously far easier to get to 40 exalted reputations. So moving the title up to require 50 exalteds was the appropriate move.

Taking the title away from people that earned it a long time ago was an odd move. Moving this title back to 40 now is also the wrong move. The title isn't that "prestigious" anyways though, so it really doesn't matter that much. I just think that you guys are handling this situation in a really goofy way.
Reverting this back was the proper thing to do.
That's wicked awesome! I'm now anywhere near to get the title anytime. But still thanks for the info!
Precisely. I got the title back when it was at 40, didn't really mind the change because hell, it was a valid reason. But I was a little miffed at the lack of communication. Then figured, what the hell might as well go for broke and put in some time grinding till 50.

But to revert back to what was now?? Seriously how much thought and bandwidth was put into this entire fiasco? For all that Blizzard has been patting themselves on the back (aka 20th Anniversary site), I really didn't expect blunders like this to be still happening. WoW circa 2005 yes. But definitely not now.
I love how you guys bend to the people crying over this. You revert a change like this, yet you still screw over the people with the original pvp titles by bringing them back and cheapening them. You nerf the Insane title by taking a faction out which I do understand, but something else should have been added in its place. World of Casualcraft at its finest again. I play casually now and I still feel there needs to be something in this game that takes a lot of time and effort for the hardcore players that won't be made easy for all the cry babies out there.

I love reading posts where people say they will quit the game over some stupid title. Take the silver spoon out of your mouth and say hello to reality. Don't go killing yourself over it, ok? Life ain't always rainbows, ice cream, and smiles. Figured your parents would have taught you that...
The topic has run its course, I believe. If we did right by you and you're thankful of the change back to 40, awesome, please enjoy. If not, then I'm sorry about that. Go ahead and email and I promise I'll read it, although I may not reply.
I remembered our email address wrong. I've updated it. If you've sent one and it bounced back go ahead and resend with the corrected address (above).

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