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Could of possibly of made a feat of strength to those who had the achievement prior to the shattering allowing them to hold onto the achievement.


I KNEW you guys would come through and do the right thing! I knew it! I love you again, Blizzard. <3

Here's the cool part. Nobody and nothing has diminished your accomplishment. It is the same no matter what blizz does. Do you think that anyone who killed the LK at 5% buff is less rewarded than someone who did it at 30%? Those that killed him without a huge buff still killed him without it. They are still entitlted to the satisfaction they felt for doing it. Likewise you are still capable of knowing you achieved that title before the requirements were changed. you're no less of a man/woman/gamer because of it.

Do you really think that anyone that plays the game and strolls past your toon and sees your title cares at all about it? There is exactly one person in this world that cares about your title and accomplishments and it's the person that logs into your account. Nobody else does, and nobody else will remember what you did or didn't have at any particular time. You achieved, enjoy it for what it was. Don't let the pixellation diminish your accomplishment.

I said nothing about how prestigious it was/is. I don't care if it's easier/harder to obtain, but if Blizzard wanted to make it harder without going all the way to the extreme, they could have chosen 45 instead of back to 40.

Though, I appreciate you telling me I don't have any friends that I worked with or helped me work towards the title or achievements and no one cares about me or will remember what we did together.

By the way, I stroll past people with awesome titles/mounts all the time and it tells me a) that they like that title for some reason (fits well with their name, proud of it, like how it looks etc.), b) they could be pretty skilled.

Allow me to preface by saying I like you Adele. You can provide a point bereft of emotion. Kudos. As for the topic at hand, you might have online friends that share in your enjoyment today. You might have people that express on ventrilo how cool it is to have achieve such a thing. What you won't have is someone who actually cares about the accomplishment when not in a scenario that promotes it. You are the sole provider for the delight of achieving what you have. And, again I want to iterate that NOTHING can diminish what someone has achieved in WoW. However, you can dimish your legacy by showing that your endgame was more important than your journey.

If you achieved the exalted repurtation prior to this removal of said reputation. Not a single person in this world can take that away from you. And, not a single persons opinion should matter to you. you accomplished it. Personal achievement trumps.
Thanks for hearing our feedback.
Thanks Blizzard.

In a sense devaluation of any and all achievements/acquisitions constantly occurs.

I can solo stuff now that probably needed a group of five years ago.

Being able to fly nearly anywhere speeds up questing and so forth.

Which devalues items and titles such as Loremaster.

By the same token though there are many more things to do in game than there was years ago.

So if you want new players to have a chance at having some parity with older players there has to be some sort of devaluation.

Or newer players would never have the time available to complete achievements. Which wouldn't be terribly motivating.

I don't mind the idea, if I know about it going in. Much like the PvP title system, or any beauty pageant Queen. The title is temporary.

The other side of the coin is that many did get the Exalted 40 back when it was more difficult, so removing it was never going to end happily.

Glad to see that the issue does have a happy ending.

Thanks again.
A huge thank you for this :)
I understand your tech restraints but couldnt you acomplish the grandfathering the title and shifting it to requireing 50 for new folks by playing around with the requirements?

Leave the current achievment, rename it and adjust the criteria to requires the 50 rep achievement. This leaves the achievement with associated title in place so even if the people do not technically meet the requirements anymore they still have it and the title. put in a new 40 rep achieve to take its old spot and rehook up the chain of achievements. Logicly this should behave somewhat like loremaster if approached like this.

I'm not up in arms about this one just offering a different way of approaching the problem. Never know, you might have thought of it or might not, or it could just be technically impossible. Either way there it is and good luck.
02/11/2011 9:30 PMPosted by Sulmith
find it hard to believe this was a miscommunication, kinda like the real names on forums thing, you pushed, the people who pay the bills pushed back, you kept them happy.

I would like to think they didn't realize how important that title would be to people... I would hope that is why this happened.

I think the answer you're looking for is that the recent change to removing the title was possibly a last straw for some players in how blizzard feels about there paying customers.
One step closer to peace.

I think the answer you're looking for is that the recent change to removing the title was possibly a last straw for some players in how blizzard feels about there paying customers.

I can understand a last straw. Why not advertise it a such? I mentioned earlier that anyone looking to quit over this was doing so mindfully... If such was the case then why the animosity. Anyone interested in quitting has simply to remove themselves from this environment. Psychologically speaking, which is my background, why do they invest so much in the rebuttel of this action if they are so intent on quitting.

Perhaps because their intent is focused more on the reason than th reaction? Or perhaps they care more about the cause than the effect. The game today resonates as fun as the first day I decided to participate in the WoW. The perception of other people is irrelevant to the fact that this game transcends what we consider normal.
Brilliant, this was my favourite title and i was pretty bummed to have it taken from me.
Thank for reconsidering this and returning our title. I am so happy right now.
Good move. Personally I didn't care about the title itself, but simply the principle of the matter. Glad to see the mistake was righted.
I saw this over on MMO-Champion, and while I rarely post on forums, I just wanted to communicate how happy this makes me. This is one achievement that i sought out to get because I liked the title. I look forward to carrying this once more.
I very much applaud this decision. I will continue to seek an answer for what I had been asking about mostly (previously exalted reps that have since changed), but I'm glad the change was reverted. A guildie of mine was very pleased as well as he didn't care to be Salty.

As for the problem of grandfathering when the criteria itself changes or is increased...couldn't you do a type of Feat of Strength for it? Like old Ony but with a title, so-and-so got this achievement when it was in this stage, and this is the title...
The requirements for Insane changed, but the title is still there so it seems like that could be a potential solution, of sorts.

Anyhow, Thank You Blizz, devs, blue posters etc. I know we can be a passionate and sometimes angry lot, but that's really just because we care about the game enough to feel that way, which is actually a compliment to WoW, it just comes out poorly at times. Unfortunately for posters, you tend to get the brunt of it because you're a target that is within range, and that sucks, and I'm sure many would like to apologize for killing the messenger, I do apologize for myself personally.

We do appreciate this being resolved, and I think it's very big of Blizz to take responsibility for the lack of communication before the change was made. Advanced warning of such things gives people the chance to chew on it before it happens, and say what they want to say about it before they get angry.

As a result of all this, I am glad to feel that I can continue to play and go for achievements in my spare time, without the feeling of dread I had the last few days. I will continue to grind reps because I like seeing them at exalted.

PS, any word on why previously exalted reps that were changed don't count? and if that is intentional? (yeah, I'm going to keep asking..sorry)

Thank you very much for reconsidering this issue.

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