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Thank you Blizzard, for returning to us, what many of us worked so hard for.
45 and 50 exalted reps are quite the achievement in and of themselves. I simply wonder why there cant be something besides a title. Tabard of the Exalted one for the 45 rep, a pet/mount/vanity item for 50/55/60 reps.
Thank you, Blizzard. And a special thank you to Bashiok for covering the difficult job of being the messenger.

Psychologically speaking, which is my background
You are the sole provider for the delight of achieving what you have. And, again I want to iterate that NOTHING can diminish what someone has achieved in WoW.

As someone with a background in Psychology, it might help to look at this through the negative reinforcement instead of looking at the achievements and memories one experiences in life. Something was taken away from people, so it is the negative reinforcement that caused the reaction. If you punish someone while simultaneously saying "you did nothing wrong," that's going to frustrate people at a very fundamental level.

The wording of the announcement also made people fear this would be a recurring issue in the future. So now people were evaluating WoW as something that might randomly punish them for doing absolutely nothing wrong, which is hard to accept from what is normally a great source of entertainment and escape from reality.

At least that's what I took from reading through many of the posts people made in the previous threads, combined with my own understanding of Psychology. It was much rarer to see comments focusing on feeling their effort was degraded, and much more common to see comments focusing on how something was taken away.

I'm getting to the point of drinking to much to carry on this conversation. I'll look at your response tomorrow to se the merrit of it.
This one makes me sad to be honest. I was not affected directly but I know people who both kept and lost the title previously. The initial change did not seem unreasonable.

My biggest concern is that reading the forums lately has become such a disappointment to me and not in Blizzard but in players. I am sure there were some rational posters who made good points but in my opinion the change made sense and the majority of posts I saw made me feel ill. The amount of vitriol and (pardon the pun) sense of entitlement by recent posters makes me want to play a different game.

The reality of the title is that 40 reputations just is not anywhere near as big a deal as it was, I agree that a series of titles would look foolish and that "the Exalted" should represent the top tier of reputation achievement which it now unfortunately doesn't. From where I stand the title has no meaning now and those who should be rewarded are not.

I am not a believer in "the slippery slope" that many seem to believe in and I remain hopeful that Blizzard will continue to evaluate their changes and decisions; with respect to but not driven by, player feedback. I do feel however that it is approaching a time when Blizzard will need to take a real stand against the level of hate present on these forums because it is not the extremists who will leave if they don't. These forums are fast becoming unreadable for me.


I worry that the bile spewed by the community prevented Blizzard from maintaining the change and am saddened if this is the case because recent posting patterns from players disgust me.
i fail to see why anyone would BLOW UP over something like this...

NEWSFLASH: it's a Game... yes there are some that dedicate their life to this game but there's no reason to throw a fit over some tiny aspect of the game that does not affect the playability or functionality of the game or your character...

is the characters DPS, Heals or threat going to be affected because you don't have a couple of letters over your head that weren't there before? no.. and the only reason i can think that it would is psychological...

Blizz i sincerely wish that you had let everyone know ahead of time because the reasoning behind raising the amount of reps at exalted makes complete sense and i'm 100% backing you guys in that direction, i hope that maybe in the future we can work towards or find a similar or the same end in achieving this goal...

to everyone else that cried complained and got suspended or banned i'm sorry but cool your jets and everyone that kept their cool and expressed their issues with the matter thank you, but please understand that this change was originally made (then reverted) with the best of intentions in mind... Blizz doesn't just toss out an idea to watch what happens, they definitely look into the possible outcomes and weigh out the pro's and con's so to speak. all i ask people to do is to give a little trust here and there... but so help me if they push real ID in the forums again.................................... lol just kidding ... or am i.... o.o
Thank you, Blizzard. Sincerely thank you.

Why is this more or less valid than enjoying a game for any other reason? Who are you to determine how other people are allowed to enjoy their video games?

Ok, so logically speaking if peoples concept of enjoying the game was earning 40 exalted reputations to get the title. Wouldn't they also enjoy achieving 10 more to get the same said title?

I know, crazy right? People do the same dungeons over and over and over and over again for gear they've gotten on other characters, why is this soooo much different.

There's a difference between getting 40 and keeping the title with the understanding you will get to keep the title forever, and then having someone take the title away and telling you that you must get 10 more to get the title back and that is only until they take the title away and make you get 10 more to get it back again, and even then it still won't be permanent.

After awhile it really isn't a lot of fun to chase that carrot around, and when you finally get the carrot, someone tugs on the stick and yanks it away.

Running dungeons for gear is not quite the same as losing a title you weren't supposed to be losing.
See, this is why blizzard can be reasonable, and why they still get my money every month.

I applaud blizzard, thank you very much.
02/11/2011 7:47 PMPosted by Bashiok
This technology would allow us to let players keep titles or items they’ve already earned, while ensuring we don’t get stuck in a position where we have to continually generate new rewards just so those who earned them originally don’t lose them.

I feel like all you had to do was add a feat of strength that gave the exalted title for anyone who had 40 reputations before said date. It would activate upon logging in, and would not interfere with the other exalted title. It would work somewhat similar to the feat of strengths for the old pvp ranks, or perhaps more like the 'log in during the anniversary' achievements.

As an aside, I think the biggest problem with increasing the exalted cap is that while there are more factions, certain factions are fairly hard to get. I can't single handedly go and grind out Ashtongue or Scale of the Sands rep, and the novelty in doing the instances is not high enough to encourage a group to run the raid consistently for the 20 weeks it takes to get the rep necessary. So while it becomes easier for those who did those old reps, late bloomers don't have quite the same advantage. Some reps (like the zandalar tribe) would still give exalted status for some older players while newer players can't get that.

Thank you for listening to us!
people seriously quit over a title?

I swear, people just live for crap to complain about these days. If your enjoyment of a game revolves around the text before and/or after your characters name you have definitely got to evaluate your standing in life.

Its not that people quit over a title. They'd be quitting over Blizzard taking something away that they had earned legitimately.
Well this made me happy. Here blizz, have one warm fuzzy feeling, free on me.
Thank you for my Exalted back, I appreciate it!
Why don't you just make another achievement and title. :)
The Noble, The Sublime, The Glorified, The Inflated, The Almost Insane, hehe.
I haven't read through the whole thread so sorry if this is a repost. but I'm curious about the "new technology" part. I currently have the Commander title from the old pvp system. I have a feat of strength associated with that title, the requirements for getting the commander title have clearly changed. I'm wondering why this is different from that? Couldn't you move the 40 reputation achievement to a feat of strength and then have the new 50 reputation achievement award exalted?
Thanks Bash <3. I hope this wont get so bad again ]:

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