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Thank you Blizzard.

Although, it shows that a little more forethought on your behalf would be a wise investment.

While you and many others regards it as a title, get over it, the way that it was handled was indicative of Blizzard's overall lack of respect for those people that keep them in their jobs.

While the reversal is warranted and welcomed, they still have a long way to go to rebuild my faith in their product and brand.
Thanks Blizz, for the two days the title was cool again.

Can you atleast make it today as the cutoff? So people can't easemodo it with Cata reps... (not that half of the people didn't already do that)
Huzzah! This is indeed good news. I probably wouldn't have been so upset about the change if I had known about it ahead of time, instead of only learning about it when I logged on on Tuesday. Thanks for the explanation, Bash; it's definitely nice to have something to read on this matter. It helps put my mind at ease. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the 50 exalted reputations award, if/when one is implemented.
I just do not understand why players are constantly rewarded for complaining as an angry mob and then actually get things changed.

You say you don't encourage this behavior, but all you are doing is justifying it and setting precedent for future problems. Of course he majority is going to speak louder than the small percentage of people who actually had 50 done already. It made me happy to hear my title I worked hard for was once again worth wearing as I was already dissapointed with the ridiculous nerf to Insane. At what point do you stop kicking your most loyal players in the ass every once in a while?

TLDR Giving us a 50 achievement did nothing to change the effect that 'the Exalted' is just another watered down title.

02/11/2011 7:47 PMPosted by Bashiok
Recently we changed 'the Exalted' title to require 50 exalted titles up from 40, which meant those that had achieved it were now asked to get 10 more reputations to gain the title back.

You forgot me! You must be exalted with Washio to truly be exalted!
Well this is very welcoming news indeed. Thank you Blizzard for making what I feel is the right decision in the long run.
Doesn't this revert kind of remove the point of the achievement, though?

I mean, come on, at least leave it at 45.
I would like to say thank you for changing it back,


Thank You :)
Lol yet again Blizzard puts their foot out to have the community put it right back in their mouth.

I love your product Blizz, and I love your customer support, but this kind of "This is Final...ohnoesflamers....JK GUYZZZ" Has happened before.

Keep up the good work overall blizz and thats a shame people had to resort to being jerks about something like this. Lesson learned on both parts.
Bashiok, Thank you. And well done Blizzard for admitting the error in communication.
I fully support the grounds for a civilized conversation, and I am sorry that the thread in question had so many who violated your code of conduct, even though I didn't see a whole lot of it.
Thanks again, you have made myself, and many others, very happy! Our continued support and loyalty to you will live on!
02/11/2011 10:05 PMPosted by Democles
but it set a terrible precedent that Blizzard could take away anything we earned via achievement rewards at any time, when they decide to.

This statement lacks common sense...

Blizzard has always.. (ahem) ALWAYS been able to take away everything we have in the game up to and including the very game itself!!! i'm pretty sure that somewhere possibly in the terms of service it says something to the affect of being able to cancel the game/ cancel service with or without prior notice of any kind ... something like that anyway.

this is a petty argument in the overall scheme of things but for me it's the really dumb stuff i see that bothers me...

so i'm doing what i can to raise the common sense level one idiot at a time...

all blizzard did was exercise their right as the game developers/creators,

and just so i'm perfectly clear and not coming back every 2 hours to continue a pointless argument here's my stance as clearly as i can make it on this particular topic.. aka.....

i like the original change to 50 exalted reps and continuing this change as necessary in the future to get progressively harder (+10/per new Xpac), i'm against the lack of notification ahead of time. i'm also against whiners, complainers, or anyone that has a knee-jerk reaction to something that is anything short of life altering...
What I say, people should able to keep their title, but for newcomer they have to work harder

You get 40 rep, exalted

Cata, you need 50 rep to get exalted title, but you can keep your old exalted title if you already have it.

Next expac, you need 60 rep to get the exalted, but you can keep your old one if you already have it.
I honestly and truly appreciate this change being reverted. Thank you Blizzard for listening to those of us who were frustrated by its removal.

To those who mock and put down those who were upset by this: remember. Not everyone shares your values and views. We all place value on different things.
What I say, people should able to keep their title, but for newcomer they have to work harder

You get 40 rep, exalted

Cata, you need 50 rep to get exalted title, but you can keep your old exalted title if you already have it.

Next expac, you need 60 rep to get the exalted, but you can keep your old one if you already have it.

No offense, but Bashiok explained in his original post why they didn't do that.
I think the problem was communication. I am not an achievement hunter and am pretty neutral about the change itself, but by not communicating properly and proceeding with the changes they have made some major mistakes. But I know they still have 12 million customers for a reason :)
Ok, so logically speaking if peoples concept of enjoying the game was earning 40 exalted reputations to get the title. Wouldn't they also enjoy achieving 10 more to get the same said title?

I know, crazy right? People do the same dungeons over and over and over and over again for gear they've gotten on other characters, why is this soooo much different.

Actually it is very different. A general understanding of the game is that GEAR is there to be replaced with something different. Different characters for the most part use different gear, and have different play styles.

ACHIEVEMENTS are concrete or supposed to be, it is a record of whatever feat you did to earn that reward. The reward is a GIFT you earned for going above and beyond, or completely out of your way to get. It is something you keep or at least is how it was supposed to be viewed.

What they had done was indeed wrong, and can understand why people would quit. That was hours of time they could have done something more productive in, and earned another achievement that was in fact kept once earned. Not many people enjoy chasing a moving target achievement (Unless its gear, because like stated it is understood that it WILL be replaced eventually.)

I had earned this achievement and was happy that I got it, because I earned it with Guardian of Cenarius which had been my 40th rep. Thank you blizzard for doing the right thing and returning the achievement back to those of us who had earned it. I don't know many people who would want to earn something just to re-earn it later when the bar was raised. That would be one achievement not worth getting, ever.
Interesting. As soon as I saw a Blue post by this title, I had a feeling Blizzard decided to reverse themselves.

I thought the removal of "Insane in the Membrane" (which I don't have) was a terrible move and I'm glad Blizzard undid it. I thought moving "The Exalted" (which I don't have) up to 50 was a good move, and I'm a little disappointed now because it seems to devalue the 45 and 50 rep achievements.

My suggestion for how Blizzard might grandfather in the title is to make a new feat of strength for reaching the required exalted reputations prior to Cataclysm. This would be an easy FoS to apply retroactively- it would check the date at which the player earned the 40 exalted reputations achievement. This is what we would have:
40 exalted reputations (no reward)
45 exalted reputations (no reward)
50 exalted reputations (reward: "The Exalted")
Old-School Exalted [Feat of Strength, requires 40 exalted reputations prior to the launch of Cataclysm] (reward: "The Exalted")

Any future increases of the exalted title requirement would create new Feats of Strength, following the naming convention established for the Superior and Epic gear achievements. So in next expansion if the requirement gets bumped up to 60 you'd see this:

40 exalted reputations (no reward)
45 exalted reputations (no reward)
50 exalted reputations (no reward)
60 exalted reputations (reward: "The Exalted)
Old-School Exalted [Feat of Strength, requires 40 exalted reputations prior to the launch of Cataclysm] (reward: "The Exalted")
Cataclysmically Exalted [Feat of Strength, requires 50 exalted reputations prior to the launch of [expansion 4]] (reward: "The Exalted")

There may be new tech that has to get added in order to have the same title activated by multiple means rather than ending up with several copies of the same title, but that seems to me to be the easiest and best way to do it. Oh, and I won't mind if you change the name of "Old-School Exalted" since it makes it sound like it's referring to Classic WoW; unfortunately there's no established naming convention to differentiate Wrath of the Lich King achievements from Classic and Burning Crusade, since WotlK is when achievements were introduced ("Wrathfully" doesn't work because that sounds like a reference to the arena season rather than the expansion).

edit: oh yeah, and the big problem here was that this change wasn't announced ahead of time. Players really hate having things taken away from them.
I am pleased that Blizzard has listened and decided to reverse what they had done, that said, the damage is done. The fact that they would do what they did is enough for me to be cautious of anything in the future that they are deciding to do.

If they restored the Keys we have lost from our Keyring and the Keymaster achievement and others that they quietly removed, then faith in them would be restored. Even though we are unable to gain these things now, they are our history. They are tokens of what our characters have been through. They are memories we have within the game. To just erase them is out-right rude. If they returned them to us, then more faith in Blizzard would definitely be returned. They don't even have to be ''Achievements'' they could simply be 'Feats of Strengths', but they are Feats that we earned and were proud of.

This all said, I do agree with making things harder to gain in Cataclysm, but I do not agree with taking what was earned away from those who earned them during the time it was difficult to earn.

Those of us whom earned the title during Lich King should keep it and be awarded a Feat of Strength, 'Earned Exalted during Lich King'. The bar should then be raised to 50 as they have mentioned. Once we earn 50 reputations in Cataclysm, we should gain a Feat of Strength, 'Earned Exalted during Cataclysm'. Those that don't have the Title would then be awarded the Title (that they KEEP from here on). So if the next expansion is Emerald Dreams, the bar would be raised to 60 reputatons and upon installation, if you didn't have the title, then you'll be on the next cap level. If you did earn it, then you'd be going for a Feat of Strength. That is how I believe it should be so that the title itself does not lose its meaning and remains hard to gain during each expansion, but once you earn the Carrot, you keep that Carrot.

Thank you for listening to those of us who have earned the title and wanted it back Blizzard, thank you for reverting it. But please do not stop listening now. Make the title still mean something by what has been suggested above and by other people in other threads as well as this one.

Even if there are new titles added, no one was asking for 'The Fairly Exalted' or 'The Near Exalted'. If that is the extent of your teams creativity, fire them and hire some others because there have been some amazing suggestions within the forums such as, 'the Sublime' for 50 reps, and 'the Adored' for 60 reps etc. If your creative team lacks creativity, there is an online thesaurus they can use.

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