Coolest looking gear in WoW

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Gotta be Warlocks Tier 6. Malefic Raiment :D

what do you guys think?
Shaman t5. Cataclysm Harness.
Also, it doesnt have to be tier gear. if theres any item you guys like post it here!
I'm a fan of the Warlock Tier 6 as well. But I also liked the priest t6
Priest tier 8.5

Warlock season 3 is a very close contender though, as well as Priest tier 6.
i kinda like rogue t4
I have rogue t0.5 but I have to go with lock t5
Pally tier 2.
Priest tier 2 hands DOWN. Followed closely by priest tier 3.
I win. There are just no competitors.
I liked hunter t4, demonstalker.
Bloodfang rogue dual wielding Nightmare Blade and Maladath.

nom nom
Paladin tier 2 hands down.

Paladin tier 1 on the other hand is one of the worst.
the brutal gladiater hunter set
Paladin Tier 2. After that, probably the paladin heroic Tier 11 set (Minus the helm, obviously).

Too bad I'm too lazy to farm BWL for it. >.<
I wear Bloodfang Leather! Bonescythe and Netherblade!

I expressed my love of rogue tier gear via quoting LvL70ETC

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