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Zarhym, you know what would be an awesome thing for you to do? Use some of your weight and put some pressure on the developers to bring back some more of the old instances with upgraded levels/mechanics. I'm sure there are a lot of people who feel this is stupid, but for every 1 person who feels this way, you have 3 people wanting it.

Seeing a heroic Scholomance for example, would really bring some much needed nostalgia back to this game. I love what you guys have done as far as bringing back Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep, so some more of this would be greatly appreciated.

It would also be really good to see another 10 man raid put in, with an emphasis on the casual player. Kind of like how ZG was when it was first released. It was pug-able however it did take some wipes to learn the mechanics, and people did have to communicate in order to do so. I'd highly suggest keeping it away from the LFD and cross-server grouping as communication is very rarely to be found there. I mean, I'm in a 25m guild that's doing fairly well in the T11 content right now, but I still wouldn't mind seeing another 10-m raid introduced for something to do during off-time. Make it drop loot SLIGHTLY less valuable than comparative tier raiding, but still 359/epic quality. I think this would be a really great option, and a lot of people would enjoy it.

Hell, you could do this in the form of a heroic blackwing lair. It would suit the expansion well due to where we are story-line wise currently with cataclysm, with the whole twilight/black dragonflight madness going on. The only thing you'd really have to change would be the final boss. Obviously we couldn't fight Nefarian there as well as Blackwing Descent. Even though, if this were to ever be implemented, it would be content patches away and blackwing descent would most likely be an after-thought at that point.

I know, I know...wishful thinking, but you saw the amount of people who loved that nostalgia thread Bash created, with the patch notes from 1.10. All those same people would kill for something like this. Obviously NEW content would be better, as we haven't seen it before, but being able to keep creating new things, while giving the older players that touch of nostalgia, would be a win-win for everyone. You have the older players who fought there way through the old vanilla content, and would love the flashback to those days during vanilla, and then you'd have the newer players who never got to experience that content who've been wishing they did as they hear of it more and more from the old-schoolers.

I know plenty of people will disagree, and just want NEW content, but there will be more people who would love this. Just my humble opinion. Keep up the good work.
Being someone who not only had the mount, but was selling them with two runs every reset (one run with our mains another with our alts), making 3k-10k per mount, split amongst the 10 of us doing the run...I say put it back in. It's a mount...that was pathetically easy to get. And just because I had one on my main at the time...why shouldn't I be allowed to get it on other toons? It's not like Blizzard stopped us from selling it, it was pointless to get rid of it. If you need a mount from a 10 man that could be facerolled in BT/Hyjal gear, let alone SWP show how special you are a sad person. I just like having the option to mix up my mounts and thus I'd prefer that they stop taking mounts out of the game.
I think it would be fair if players could obtain it with a special mechanism of currency.

Some like, each time you complete the amani bear run, you get one coin.

To buy the bear, you have to pay like 20 coins + a big amount of justice points (and probably valor points as well). This would prove the dedication for this bear and how they pretend to buy this bear.

If you want, you can make the bought bear a different color, just to distinguish the old vs new one.
I would say leave da bear out if it was an RNG drop that only the people running ZA hundreds of times were even lucky enough to see it.

It was never special snowflake once guilds were selling multiple bears a week.
Bring it back for us to smash our heads against the RNG wall for the next 2 years please.

I dont have the mount and i don't think it should come back.

How cool is a mount when like everybody has them anyways.. Defeats the purpose of limited edition.

It's not elitist, and it's not a whine.. It's me believing that having a few "oldskool" items that others don't is simply a neat little way of showing off what you've accomplished in game.
Along these same lines, why not bring back the Black and Plagued Proto-Drakes from forever ago? Remove the Undying and Immortal achievements from the Meta and bring back the rewards. I mean, you took back the idea that you were going to remove Ulduar drakes, so why not remain consistent?
02/14/2011 1:04 PMPosted by Haxx
I would be happy if they just made it bind on account if you already have it.
.. that.. would be SO AWESOME! same for ashes of Al'ar , the arch AQ40 mount.. and others.. ZHEVRA!!! would be great for those who have it currently on one of their toons make it into a "on use learned' BoA item like they have with the onyxia pet and baby blizzard bear.
I say bring it back too, and I *have* it.
I would be the happiest chap if older raids, dungeons and gear were all revamped.

Also, I think resistance should be brought back like it was in older times. I thought it was cool.
with this... LEAVE THE OLD ONE WHERE IT IS! please dont make it like onyxia where the lvl 60 version was removed.. and replaced with a lvl 80 version.. I personaly miss doing the old one with buddies..

while we are at it why dont they just reopen aq40, set it 85, and make it so everyone that goes inside is instantly given scarab lord with the legendary mount.

why does everyone who plays this game thinks they are entitled to stuff that happened years ago? i feel proud when i ride mine because it represents an achievement than me and my guild were able to accomplish. there are so many mounts out there and there is no reason that blizz needs to bring back the ones that made this game so special, back when blizzard rewarded people for putting in time, effort, and dedication. items in game that were retired make this game special. if it was up to me i would have retired so many other mounts that blizzard has not. uld10/25 mounts and icc10/25 achievement mounts specifically.

One never knows what might happen with Zul'Aman and the treasures of old found therein...

i really hope that blizzard realizes that there are so many mounts in game that there is no reason to being back mounts that once represented something so epic. its like a car company bringing back a classic car and then completely bastardizing what it once meant.
please read your last comment and add in "game" where it says 'car'
One never knows what might happen with Zul'Aman and the treasures of old found therein...

Its such a cool mount and id love to have one. It never should have left the game, and ya at 85 4 chests isnt hard but neither is downing heroic Lk or no light yogg yet those mounts are in the game. should bring it back as a small chance from the 4th chest in za


Aion: The Tower of Eternity
Release Date: NA September 22, 2009

WoW: Onyxia's Lair (level 80) Patch 3.2.2
Release date (US) September 22, 2009

Rift releases March 1st, 2011 (Tuesday)...

So we're apparently going to see patch 4.0.7 (or similar) with the level 85 version of Zul'Aman?
One never knows what might happen with Zul'Aman and the treasures of old found therein...

Its such a cool mount and id love to have one. It never should have left the game, and ya at 85 4 chests isnt hard but neither is downing heroic Lk or no light yogg yet those mounts are in the game. should bring it back as a small chance from the 4th chest in za

brb digging more troll artifacts
I would love to have the mount back, I wasn't playing hardcore at the time and missed my chance and I have been kicking myself in the ass ever since easily the best mount in game.
No. For the love of god, no. The Amani bear was specifically designed as a reward for those who bested that level of content at that time.

It never ceases to amaze me how entitled the casuals have gotten these days. The warbear is for those who got it then. You did not raid ZA in a fast enough time frame enough times to get the bear while it was current content. Let it be.

I for one would be incredibly disappointed if Blizzard decided to reskin and reintroduce it or something of that ilk. Almost as disappointed as when they decided not to remove the ulduar drakes with ToC or the ICC ones with cata.

And for the record, I do not have an Amani bear, my 10 Uld drake was acquired during the ICC era, and only my ICC drakes were acquired during current progression, so I'm not some elitist who wants to remain exclusive.

I failed miserably at getting the Amani bear when it was possible, and as much as I would sell my firstborn for the slightest chance at being able to acquire one again (best looking mount ever in the game hands down) I emphatically hope Blizzard never brings it back. I lost my chance, and unlike a lot of the entitled casuals around these days, I can live with that.

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