Unlink Steady Shot from Piercing Shots DoT

The mobility granted to hunters in 4.0.6 is great and all, but Marks is still lagging behind other hunter specs, namely survival, and after doing some DPS tests, I think I know why.

A 9-10k crit on Steady Shot, will basically overwrite the massive damage on an Aimed or Chimera Shot crit. I know it doesn't actually overwrite the DoT but it mixes them and takes what could have been a 20k DoT, and turns it into a 10K, and then 6k, and so on as you crit with steady far more often, thus overwriting your amazing DoT, with a far worse one.

Please consider taking steady shot off the talent as a shot that can proc the Piercing Shots DoT.
Piercing shots damage rolls into itself, it doesn't overwrite. If you crit an aimed for 50k you get a 15k over 8 sec piercing shots DoT. If you crit a 10k steady at 4 secs left on that DoT (which has 7.5k damage left on it) you get a new 7.5k + (10*.3) = 10.5k DoT. At least that's how I last knew it to work.

Removing SS from piercing shots would only hurt MM.

MM isn't lagging behind SV. Do some research on Hardcasting Aimed Shot rotations and try again.

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