Unable to validate game version

Customer Support
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If you are receiving this after this mornings patch, please stay tuned.

Passing this along, although it's likely a very temporary condition.

Thanks for the update!
Good to have an update from blue post.
Someone forgot to update the login server with the newest patch version didn't they. Silly blizzard, when will you learn.
I was wiggin, thought I had a virus
Thank you
Glad to hear that you guys know about the issue and are hopefully trying to fix it.
Thanks for the speedy update.

Aww panda!
someone spilled maple syrup on the servers is my guess yummmm.
... it's likely a very temporary condition.

O.o implying that there's a chance this bs could be permanent? lol.
Yes thank you for the update. Oh well no wow for me before work.
Thank you for the fast response
Oooooookay thx.

First page?
thanks thought i had to reinstall for a sec.
Nice.....wake everyone up....wake up the entire dev team......most likely requires a ONE byte fix somewhere.

Yep, getting this as well.
Was about to act a fool, thanks for the post

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