[Bug] Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (Viscidus)

Bug Report
Just got him to 1HP/2.0 Million and continued to beat on him for another 5 minutes...
He appears to be unable to die.
He was the only boss in AQ40 I never killed back in Vanilla and it's a little disappointing unable to get the kill/corpse screen shot. Please fix!
Your inability to solo a raid boss is not a bug.

Nothing is broken, Viscidus is working exactly how he should.

You just don't know how to kill him, apparently.
Hit WoWhead or some other site to learn how to kill Viscidius. He is most definitely not a tank 'n spank encounter. You have to do other things to get him to die.

Small hint: It involves frost-type attacks. If you have none yourself, then get Frost Oil.
Yup 85's don't know how to kill it so they assume it's a bug lol "I'm 85 I don't have to do mechanics in a 60 raid!"
We haven't been able to kill him the last 3 times we went in. He'll freeze up, we wail him with melee attacks then he just reverts to his original slimey form. We've had everyone not attack except with frost. We've tried things like frost oils. We've a few people that promise they've seen him insta-die after he gets cracked at 0hp. But I've yet to see it. What we may try next time is have a couple mages strip down to their tabards and icelance him, seeing if we can keep him above 0 before he gets frozen.
Oh silly 85's.

Once he freezes, you need to get enough melee hits in on him to shatter him.

Bring a DK or two for army of the dead and some rogues with fast daggers and bloodlust.

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