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<Maniacal Disposition>
Horde PvP Guild
Server: Garrosh

Newely Reformed Level:2 PvP Guild, looking for members (Preferably 85, but if you're not maxed we'll work with helping you level) for casual to hardcore PvP. We have a lot of people who PvP with us who aren't affiliated with the guild and we welcome players who want to PvP with us and do not require you to join the guild to do that. I would prefer you be in the guild, but I will not shun anyone away who's wanting to join in with one of our PvP Groups from time to time. I welcome anyone to come run Random or Rated BG's with us, I promise you'll have loads of fun and get geared doing it, Whisper Ghavor, Naturalite, Ozo, or Chamunga for invites. Currently We're working on getting the guild populated and accepting all members for:

- Random BG Premades all day long

- BH raids when available

- Premade Guild Rated Battlegrounds

- Guild Arena Teams

- A little light raiding on the side, nothing to hardcore

We are a freshly created guild so at the moment we have 4 Guild Bank Tabs, Tabard, our own dedicated Vetrilo server complete with a music channel that streams a setup playlist. We're very friendly guys who like to sling light bull on vent and have a good time all the while gearing for PvP. We offer an instructive and very supportive environment. Come help us grow into what we can already tell is going to be a great guild.

New applicants can message one of the following person's if they are online in the game to apply.
Ghavor -(Guild Leader)-
Nilbog -(Leader Alt)-
Naturalite -(Co-Leader/Co-founder)-
Chamunga -(BG Leader)-
Ozo -(BG Leader)-
Reaver -(BG Leader)-

Thank you for your time and interest in the guild.
Looking for serious members for casual pvp.

I loled.
Nice ratings, brah.
Ratings? ah. 2k+ will come quick. his team was just with a friend for fun.

Anyways, Bump.
Really Zeldarulah, don't tell me Last Attempt is now going to troll my guild recruitment forum post.
Ignore my rating man, we're just 7 guys who left our old PvE guild to do a little PvP together. We really enjoy pvping together, there are no hardcore PvP guilds on this server that I know of. So we created one. Our rating will get up, I just now personally broke the 3k Resilience mark. We're trying to get in more members to do some Rated BG's, our own personal BH raids when available, and are setting up Arena Teams right now as I type this. Our rating will get up, and we'll work on getting anyone's rating up who wants to join us. You don't necessarily have to join the guild to play with us either. I would prefer you would join, but if you want to try us out come do a few rated BG's or Random BG groups with us some time. Get to know us we're all fun guys to talk to, and we take the game for what it is. We try to keep it fun.
yet another bump ^^
I'm not jumping ship from my guild, but I'd be interested in running some rated BGs with you guys, if you have spots to fill.
I know this is a guild recruitment thread, but I got some words to say.

I joined "Battle for Gilneas" today, and I saw a Blood Elf Death Knight named Zseen and an Orc Warrior named Malko (?). I noticed you guys were from the same server as I was, and then I saw this thread.

All I wanted to say is, I wish you guys the best of luck to finding new members. You guys have the PvP spirit, and even if you guys are no experts, I still like the effort you guys want to promote PvP on this server. Despite me being on the opposite faction as you guys, I would probably join your guild if I was to Faction Transfer because casual PvP friends are the type i would enjoy.

You guys earned my respect, not just because I randomly ran into you guys in a Battleground, but because I finally found another guild that wishes to promote PvP more.

Good luck, guys. Bump!
bump for the top pvp guild ;P
Email me fool. is ozo.
Is this guild still active?
No recent news in their feed and last activity reads:

Reach guild level 5 - 04/19/2011

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