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Guild Recruitment
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Yeah, that's right.....I am a girl with needs! Right now I really need a man....or a woman (not that picky) to play with me! Careful though, I sometimes like to play rough. I also like to play in big groups.....25 to be exact. So if you are a raider and want to play with me, please read on!

We are currently trying to build our 25 man roster back up. We have been able to run a few 25 mans, but some weeks we have had to run 2 10 man teams. You could be the one to make a difference!!!

Ride the Lightning of Malfurion is a level 25 semi-casual, adult, end-game guild. We've been together for over five years, with stable leadership and a solid core of very long-time members. Most of us are in the 25-40 age category. We have families, careers and other commitments, so we understand the time constraints of an adult life.

We take our raiding seriously, welcome a good challenge, and have a desire to stretch our limits both individually and as a team. It is not our goal however to emulate or compete with "hardcore" raiding guilds. Maintaining a friendly, family-like atmosphere is more important to us than rapid progression.

MoP Progression:

MSV: 6/6 normal
HoF: 1/6

Our 25-man raid schedule is:

Sunday: 7:30-10-30 CST
Monday: 8:30-11:00 CST
Wednesday: 8:30-11:00 CST

While we consider all exceptional applications, our current recruiting needs are as follows:

Death Knight- Open: DPS only
Druid- Open: Boomkin
Hunter- Open
Mage- Open
Monk- Open: Brewmaster, Mistweaver, Windwalker
Paladin- Open: Holy
Priest- Not Actively Recruiting
Rogue- Open
Shaman- Open: Elemental, Enhancement, Resto
Warlock- Open
Warrior- Not Actively Recruiting

We don't have rigid attendance requirements, however we're looking for players who can typically raid at least twice per week.

Casual players of any class/role are always welcome to apply!!

Visit http://www.rtlguild.net to apply. If you'd like to learn more about us, look for Rosalyn, Unthir, Seika, or Salts in-game and we'd be happy to chat with you. Also, you can email me or Unthir if you have any questions.

Rosalyn: Battletag-Rosalyn#1966, email-rosalynrtl@gmail.com
Unthir: Battletag-Unthir#1335, email-rtlunthir@gmail.com
Fun times!

Looking for range dps !
We still have openings available for ranged DPS!!! Check us out: www.rtlguild.net
Edited to reflect changes in openings.
Added healers to our openings!!!
We are looking to add a tank to our team!!!
Bump! Still looking for a few good folks to round out our roster.
Still looking for a tank, healers, range dps, and a Ret Pally for our Progression Team!!
Bump!! Still looking to round out our 25m roster!!
Bump!! Edited our openings. Still looking for a tank, some ranged dps, and heals for our 25m progression team.
Still looking for a tank, ranged dps, and heals to round out our 25m roster!!
We still need some dps, heals, and a tank to round out our 25m progression team!!
Bump..still looking for some people to round out our 25m team!!
Updated the openings. We are looking for a tank, heals, ranged dps, and a Ret Pally for our 25M Progression Team!!
Bump! We are still looking for people to round out our 25m roster.
We could really use a tank, boomkin, and a holy pally to add to our 25M roster!!
Bump!! We are still looking for some ranged dps, heals, and a tank for our 25M roster!!
We still have openings for heals (esp. Holy Pallys), ranged dps, and a tank for our 25M team.

Bump!! We are still in need of a Holy Pally and ranged dps, especially boomkins!!

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