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Guild Recruitment
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Could use a few more good people for our 25M roster!!
Still looking for a few more!
Still really need a Holy Paladin!!! We could also use some ranged and melee dps!!
Holy Paladins!!!!! We need one...badly!!!!!!!
Still have a need for dps and heals...especially Holy Paladins!!
Still looking for a Holy Paladin and some DPS for our 25M team!!
We really need a Holy Paladin and some dps for our 25M team!!
Well, I ain't the best, but I'd love to fill out an app for consideration.
There is no harm in applying!! :-) Take a look at our website for more info to see if we are what you are looking for and the application.
We could use an Elemental Shaman, a Boomkin, and some heals!!
Made some changes to our openings. We could still use a Holy Paladin and some DPS!!
High need for a Holy Pally and Elemental Shammy!! Could also use other ranged and melee DPS!!
Still looking for some DPS, both melee and ranged!! Holy Paladins are nice too!!
We could really use some DPS Shamen!!!!
High need for DPS Shamen...both Elemental and Enhancement!!
Still looking for another Holy Pally and some DPS Shaman. We have a high need for both Elemental and Enhancement Shaman as well as other melee and ranged DPS.
We have a high need for Elemental and Enhancement Shamen!! We could also use another Holy Paladin!!
Really need some Shaman DPS!!
We need DPS Shaman!!!!!!

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