Your kind aint welcome here (PVP)

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You.. you.. are a Genius!... but I cried when i realized that i had to give up affliction :(
You are my hero.
Yeah this is pretty much amazing.
Quite sad that its all true and I've turned to my other alts for pvp purposes. Pve we're fine. I'm TOPPING meter as Destro with other classes that are better geared than me.
Well you gotta agree.. our class is as useless as Aquaman... I went destro for a while and enjoyed my 19k crits with 9.2k sp procs on a low resilience Target (lmao). I also enjoyed the aff low dot damage and the world.of.dispellcraft.... Yep sadly they finally screwed us over for our days of sl/sl bc and destro in wotlk... sorry I don't reroll but it was fun while it lasted boys... kill all mages for me ;)

One of our best players canceled his account because of this stupidity.

sticky sticky sticky!!
I support this thread 100%.
02/15/2011 2:38 AMPosted by Cowwoman
LOL...Zhingy boy that's why i love you!!!

C-cowwoman :O
One of the best posts I've read on these boards.

I would post as my Affliction Lock ... but .... for some reason the forums won't let me change to that char.

I guess I'm not welcome here. Probably because "My dots are easily expelled and I have no mana drain".
gave me a good LOL
+10 Internet.
+ 5 Warlock.
+ 5 Epic storyline.


I demand south park make another WoW episode about this.

lol just awesome.

sissy dots and no mana stealz.
02/15/2011 6:26 PMPosted by Goatknight
Who keeps reporting the highly rated posts like this one? There's nothing wrong with the OP's post.

I think Zhing is a pretty cool guy. eh's dots r easily expelled and eh have no mana drain.

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