Your kind aint welcome here (PVP)

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best thing i have read on the forums :) sticky.
funniest thing I've probably ever read xD
I dunno how this post is so made of win...

Your dots are easily dispelled and you have no mana drain.
Bump! This shall not die!
. This is strange I say to myself .. its almost as if ... as if blizzard hates me.

Stop complaining and roll a fire Mage. They have better dots.
Very awesome post and I to love the class. Only part I disagree with is us being the weakest in PvP. We are not good in PvP right now yes but we are still not Shaman. Shaman are terrible for PvP.
Amazing posts.
Definitely good for a laugh until you's all true :(
VOTED STICKY, hilarious special timmy
Much love....SOOO true all.
That's classic. Do you think they (Blizzard) is going to wake us in the middle of the night with guns in our faces and put us on trains to Auswitsz? Seriously I'm really scared right now.
It was fun while it lasted, I'll always love my lock.

Love the spirit gear an the agi staff, super pro right thurr.
wake up in the morning its the third of may
brush my teath take a leak chug some gaterade
open safari on the mac go to
fall of the chair when i read what the homepage says....

that song reminds me of that remix ^

anyway funny post XD
02/21/2011 10:17 AMPosted by Marve
Stop complaining and roll a fire Mage. They have better dots.

fire mage really? spriest > mage
warlocks ftw however
Zhing, I couldn't stop laughing while reading your story. As sad as the warlock situation is, I couldn't stop giggling as I read your post. My husband has been playing a demo warlock now for about 6 years. He does PvE but his main source of fun has always been PvP. Since the patch he is so disgusted in what Blizz has done to demo locks that he is seriously considering quitting WoW. Our favorite pass-time has always been world pvp/ganking but we enjoy arenas and bg's to get the gear we need for world pvp. We don't do 3's or 5's. We arena together as dps/healer in 2's to get our points. This has now become all but impossible to do. Teams we used to smash are now long drawn out 30 minute games where we have to wear teams out or we just get smashed ourselves. Our 2's rating is now dropping each week instead of improving. Alot of people say well he should just go affliction or destro instead. He loves demo spec and has always played demo and he shouldn't have to change to another class or a different spec. I really don't understand the reason behind balancing around 3's when so many people enjoy so many other aspecs of pvp than just 3's. There's world pvp, bg's, 2's and those should all be made balanced and enjoyable as well.

I play WoW because its something my husband and I have enjoyed doing together for 6 years now. I won't be leaving him for a Frost Mage (LOL). If blizzard doesn't fix demo warlocks for PvP then I can say without a doubt that my husband will cancel his subscription and then I will cancel mine as well because we play WoW together or not at all.

Blizzard should at least make some sort of statement to warlocks as to whether or not they intend to address any of the issues that people are complaining about so we can at least have something to look forward to or make a decision ourselves to no longer keep waiting and waiting and waiting for something that isn't going to happen.
Zhing, I love you.

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