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02/14/2011 11:39 AMPosted by Mashter

Then why post? I don't understand your kind.

10/10 Made my day.

On topic: I play warlocks because I love the class. I been playin this toon since pre-BC and have endured many diffferent changes to the class. I'm not even going to throw my hat into the ring for this latest implementation of "changes".
I will be playing this toon still, regardless of what happens to it, no matter what math shows, or what people say. I'm the weakest class in pvp? Well son, u just got roflstomped by the weakest link. Know what that makes you? I dunno, lets go over to elitestjerks and find out, they have a way with numbers.
I played affliction while lving to 70, then went destro and havent looked back. Ever. 2 shotting people buring BC was awesome (0.5 sec casttime Shadowfury anyone?) as much as it was during Wrath.

What I'm sayin is I am of the breed that will continue to play this class because I love it, not beause of some stupid math that says I'm not as good as that Spriest (I AM THE DOT MASTER! NOT YOU! Also same with burst. But you tell Blizz that, they can't hear warlock cries, but have jars full of our tears. Makes ballin salsa.). So Blizz, do what you will. It sucks, yes. We will be gimped yes. But it will make my facemelting victories that much sweeter. Ever been outrun by a guy in crutches while driving in your Camaro? Prepare to be.
Why am still goin to keep trucking through all these changes? Because my dots are easily dispelled and I have no mana drain!

Also I am very surprised Rhetoric hasnt dropped his 2 cents in this thread yet. Days not over, I guess.

Edit: Spelling.

I like you.
I love you OP.
I tried to explain to my 2s partner the other day how we would be better off if I rerolled rogue. He dosen't want to wait for me to reroll and regear, and says "Dude you're a great player, I'm sure if we work hard we can get at least to 1700."

To which I replied, but my DoTs are easily dispelled and I have no drain mana.

He said "but we got up to 1672, that's not bad, we can keep going."

To which I replied "we got this far because I was able to CC people while you (ele shaman) blew them up. We can't go further cause people past ~1600 know what the dispel button is, and they won't let me get fears off. Also, IMMUNE IMMUNE IMMUNE. YOUR TARGET IS IMMUNE TO FEAR. YOUR DOTS ARE EASILY DISPELLED AND YOU HAVE NO DRAIN MANA!"
I'm sure the people reporting this are trying to do it as 'discriminatory'. They have a relative or friend, or a friend's friend that has a "special Timmy" and you can't mention one, real or imagined, even if it's applauding their 2300 arena rating.

My first 80 is a Warlock. Was leveling another one, too. Posting this from my new main (Hunter) and I'm sending my caster heirlooms to a level 1 Mage. Why? If you've come this far, you already know the answer, ha ha!

Great post. Loved it. Full of lulz.
i read this again out of pure enjoyment. sticky please.....bump^^^
Rename affliction for affection plz... suits warlock better
I had such a bad day cause i am called bad.. because of my dps.. even though i worked my ass off while casting 545678 spells at once cause warlock is like that...

Heroics make me go emo since I can`t get good decent pieces to actually improve my gear; I am actually lucky to be able to run one till the end; and I am seriously starting to think I suck at playing this game or a one button spamming class would be better for my mental health if not to be trashed talk by high school kids that are playing this game and calling you all kind of things like " cause your class 'sucks' ". Today even before we started fighting at the beggining of a 10 man I was told that by a boomkin that raid doesn`t need a @#!*ing warlock...

That .. was worst than eating a demoralizing shout in your face..

this made me laugh a lot and put a smile on my face; I am so close to giving up on my demo warlock cause we are treated like trash most times cause of recount; having no sense of burst repeatedly in a boss fight that takes forever sometimes while a mellee or other casters can burst on the target more than once or twice during my meta CD .. that.. made me go emo..

I can just hope that I can improve myself in PVE more especially in heroics so people stop looking down at me just cause I play a warlock that does trash single target damage when boomkins are doing my 3x; of course I can only hope that blizzard stop nerfing us and buff other classes especially hybrid ones most of the time...

/signed by a very very sad warlock
Good god, quite possibly the most hilarious thread since Evil Warlocks guide to WoLK.

This definitely put a smile on my face, ty
to the eastside

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