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Roflcopter Tactical Team is composed of a group of tight nit friends, were currently looking for a DK or Paladin tank for our 10 man group. Raid times are Tuesday and wendsday 8pmST to 12STish. Wendsday is our only day really set in stone were looking into Thursday as our 2nd day. We are also open to other exceptional players/classes.

We also have a lot of alts, and i mean a lot. So having a good range of characters and specs is a plus.

PST pretty much anyone in the guild for more info.
02/11/2011 3:48 AMPosted by Thugzs
a group of tight nit friends

02/11/2011 9:31 AMPosted by Aurrius
a group of tight nit friends


i thought it was cute.

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