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Hi blizz, is posible to change a little it, because I was waiting in a queue for around 40 mins and when already get in, the group that was there removed me instantly, I know they r playing too and some times is necesary to remove some people from groups when they don't play good, or get disconnected or for another reason. So I'd like to suggest if is possible not allow to remove players until first boss when the player gets in the first time, or until 5 or 10 mins later when the player gets in on a fight progress, because 40 min in queue is a lot of time and is worst when u get removed from a group instantly.

Thanks Blizz. I'll be waiting for ur comments.

Making players wait until the first boss would allow actual griefers free reign to grief any dungeon start.
I agree that something about this system needs to change. I have been in several random groups where I'm the only one not from the same guild and they kick me for no apparent reason, sometimes before the first pull or for something that was not my fault but more a product of bad marking or bad communication (presumably the other 4 talking in vent or in guild chat and not relaying information).

02/12/2011 9:35 AMPosted by Abyssimal
Making players wait until the first boss would allow actual griefers free reign to grief any dungeon start.

This would probably happen less often than perfectly good players getting kicked for no reason. Although it may become more of a problem if its harder to boot people.

I think the best thing to do is if someone gets kicked within 5 or 10 minutes of joining a group they should be placed higher up in the dungeon que when they rejoin. Maybe apply a buff that gives the person 2 minutes or so to rejoin at a higher place in line if they are kicked early on. Not saying the front of the line, but even cutting the wait time in half would help a lot.

I hate joining a guild run and getting dropped for no reason and having to wait another 30 or 40 minutes to find a new group. I'll admit that this has not happened to me too often but when it does happen it is very frustrating. There have been times that I get dropped from a group of that type and don't have enough time left to get my daily in. This can be especially frustrating if you get locked into a heroic and then booted from it before you can kill the boss you need.
I got kicked on my hunter once cause I was with a guild group the shadow priest pulled 3k DPS in grim on the first boss and we wiped, I just said 3k DPS priest?

*You have been removed from the dungeon group*

Yeah I got kicked last week from a BRC group after wiping twice on the 1st boss with 2 of their members dying to chains... then on the 2nd boss they are like "lets go for the achievement." I'm like "any chance you'll handle the beams better than you guys handled the chains?"

*you have been removed from the dungeon group*


I've only griefed once... it was in Grim Batol a few weeks ago and this pally tank goes to mark the adds and just stands there, so I just assumed it was ok to sheep. He's like "don't sheep until I say so."

I'm like... "Ok." We get close to the first boss and he marks a target, stands there for a good 15 seconds, so I sheeped. He's like "idiot mage, I didn't tell you to sheep."

I'm like "WTF are you standing around for then?"

We got to the last trash right at the first boss, he goes to pull, so I icelanced the boss, popped invis and watched them die before porting out. I returned the asshattery and felt good about it.
Omfg. I just wrote a huge response to this with some ideas and it apparently did not post. :/

Anyways, I was also recently booted.. Twice. First time was for lowest DPS, which wasn't even that bad. Someone's gotta be on bottom. Second time I don't even know why, since I wasn't lowest DPS, knew the fight, and there were no chat/loot disputes.

Seeing as how I wait almost an hour for every queue, I was really miffed. I also specifically selected that dungeon because it drops a main hand dagger I really want. Not only did I not get to see if my dagger dropped, but I couldn't even requeue because I was then locked from that dungeon - thanks to the awesome instance restrictions. -.- (Which brings to mind, Blizz... can you change that to people who COMPLETE the dungeon, at least? So people like me don't get screwed by other players? :/ )

People have way to much control over kicking, and "who" can play in their special game-space. Some maybe ideas are:

1. Not permitting kicking, unless for a harrassment or poor-play complaint, which can be traced through the chat log. Provided there is communication, as there should be in all groups. Which brings me off on a tangent, but I usually KNOW if it's going to be a good or bad group, simply by who (if anyone) says hello.
EDIT: I also think there should be a reporting system for people who pull mobs and then leave dungeon, in order to wipe the rest of the group. These people deserve a 2day suspension, IMO.

2. Requiring a minimum DPS output/mana %/health level for people to be removed. Don't give the kicker a secret "talk crap" window that the subject is unaware of. Require a drop down menu for reasons, and make the computer-technology you guys have to decifer if the reason is legit. If it's a poor-play complaint, make the kicker provide the chat log. If a mod decides later that the kicker was also at fault for poor-play, then suspend them from the dungeon tool. Therefore, people will be detoured from abusing the option.

3. Maybe make a "Personalized Dungeons" in the Dungeon Finder tool. Here, people could specify the item level minimum (or whatever) of the people who they play with. If they for-go this option, and just go with the "Easy-finder" (like it is now) ..they can only kick for poor-play reasons. Nothing else.

...These ideas probably need major tweeking, but I'm not a game creator. I just know that everyone does randoms for the same reason: to get rep and better gear, so they can become a better player. They shouldn't have to pay the price for the impatience of others. If they don't like their random group, they can leave.

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