THere are BoA leg's in Cata's data base!

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so was looking over wowhead and i noticed they had BoA legs and a few new ring's but they are no where to e found in game? anyone think blizzard will add them later on?
Pfft yeah right, I want to deck out my alts in full Tier .5 heirloom armor.

Full sets of Heirlooms please.

It would also be amazing if we got to choose a set from classic wow. tier 2 full Heirlooms anyone?
There's also some BoA rings in the database, other than the one you get from the fishing tournament. Like the tailoring recipe for top hats, those are NYI tough.
Bracers, shoes, gloves, more weapons!


More stuff to pick and choose from! I want 7 staves to choose from, 14 axes, and, and, and YEAH!

The whole Kit and Kaboodle! MOAR HEIRLOOMS!
02/14/2011 4:48 AMPosted by Gucciboo
The whole Kit and Kaboodle! MOAR HEIRLOOMS!

Yeah Blizz, let's do it!

Throw more heirlooms, throw more heirlooms, more heirlooms, more heirlooms, c'mon, more heirlooms, I don't see enough heirlooms, MOAR HEIRLOOMS NAO!!

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