Unable to Validate Game Version

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I am getting the same thing too.
Same here. On all 4 computers I play WoW on.

Same at 8am CST, cant validate version.
Looks to be anyone that Quit, ppl that havent logged out are ok
02/11/2011 6:00 AMPosted by Scallop
N Party and 20 of us can't log in.

Break out the beeeer?

What time is it there...
I'm getting the same message also... OMG NO!!!
Same here...not how I planned to spend my day off.
Yeah, I am having the same issue. I kind of freaked out thinking it was a virus when all I do on this PC is play WoW and you tube. I hope it's fixed soon.
Having same issue. I saw a 20mb patch coming then it jumped to the end. Tried running updater manually. No luck.
same here
Same issue. Sigh.
Same u.u
same crap fix your stuff blizz

edited for wonderful political correctness
Yay, it is not just me!
Same issue
Also having this problem

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