Twilight Highlands lost quest

Hi there, currently im 35/95, the las quest i did was to kill some aliance soldiers in Highbank and then they sent me to The Kazzwoks (the goblin island) to report a quest but i already have done those quest with the goblins and i only reported the quest and they didnt give me any other, and im stuck i cant find any quest in all twilight highlands please someone help me i just want to be friendly to buy the tabard :(

any ideas?
I think after that chain, it's all done at the goblin island.

You also should have had a chain for the south side (starts with killing nagas) that goes to Bloodgulch (where the dailies are). Turn off crusader aura and fly around slow & carefully when looking for !'s.

nope still no luck :/, i have talked with all npcs in all horde camps and i cant find anything, thanks anyway.

Zaela should have given you two quests at the beginning (after you got back from Org):
The Southern Front
The Northern Front

The Southern Front ends with you going to Krazzworks.
The Northern Front ends with you going to the Dragonmaw camp in the center of the zone.

You get a quest to see the "Drake-Tamer" or something like that.
The last quest i did was

and from there im lost i didnt get any quest, it is supposed that the next one is

and the npc Zaela doesnt give any quest :/
You must have taken both quests from Zaela in the beginning. The NPC for the north is on a grounded boat on the beach across from Highbank. Kinda hard to see him.

Are you using default map with Quest Objectives tracked?

Same thing happen on one of my other toons, i did 62 of 95 and then it stopped because i got Exalted. I thought that was it and basically stopped questing in that area. Then on a new toon when i got to Twilight Highland i was able to something like 98 quest, so i went back to my original toon and searched and searched and can't find any more quest. Their must be a way to track quest so you can find out whats missing.

BTW i use Lightheaded and Quest Helper and nothing shows up on either.

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