Whos The Best "YouTube" Warrior?

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It was Swifty, then Klinda (and Klinda was the best), and now it's Bajheera.
Swifty still makes good videos that show interesting aspects of the game, but Bajheera is the man now. Really nice guy too.
GEARBREAKER!! And bajheera, though I haven't really seen fight
drakkus pat and laintime were great, so was teriyaki.

Gearbreaker is just fun :D
Bajheera hands down.
Was always a fan of pat back in the day...he's the reason i rolled warrior.
Bajheera no doubt. I was in stiches when I first saw one of his videos.
Yes probably Klinda but he quit.

And a history lesson for those unaware, Pat's HWL (I believe) video was during a brief bug that enabled arms warriors to have both Deathwish (21 point talent) and Mortal Strike (31 point talent) in the days when only 51 points were available.

No less epic though
Swifty in terms of popularity/rabid fanboy count

Bajheera in term of entertainment value

Klinda... I don't know. I just liked him.
Real Warriors don't youtube they kill things.
Bajheera by far. His videos are hilarious and he's actually really good. He shows actual fights not just big crits.
Pat - Still a classic

Wow!:D Thanks guys:) You are hands down the BEST in general, so your support and kind words mean a lot to me :) <3
Hulksmash or Manglurr.

PVP videos haven't been the same since pre-BC :(
Klinda if your looking for best warrior

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