[A-10] Paradigm Recruiting 11/12 DPS

Paradigm: Guild Level 18
GM: Faitz
PVE Officers: Jnc, Viago
PVP Officer: Abtexas
Website: www.Para.wowstead.com

Recruiting: Mage/Boomkin/Rogue
DPS: 15k +

PVP: msg Abtexas for info

Requirements: Must be 350+ Ilvl | Pref 3/4 Bot 3/5 BWD

Raid times: Tuesday,Wednesday,Thurs. 7:30pm-11pm CST
If you are intested in our Core Group Please Contact Faitz, Jnc, Viago
or visit our Website and Apply www.Para.wowstead.com

We are currently seeking to up the ranks of the guild. We are Accepting ALL Classes.
If you are a casual looking to find a guild to level up in we have many alts and people doing so. Looking to PVP ? We have many people that love to PVP. Currently have a Core RBG / Arena Group aswell. 2232 RBG Guild rating. if you are interested in joining as PVP msg Abtexas .

Paradigm was founded begin of WoTLK and was in the race for top guilds. Being 3rd to down Mimi and complete Ulduar. After a long burnout many core raiders quit the game. With Cata coming out the Original Officers formed Paradigm back up. Started raiding Jan 3rd, 2011.

Paradigm is a laid back guild, If not doing a raid many people are running Heroics, BGs, Leveling or just doing Achievments. We are open to anyone that would like to join as a causal, raider, backup, pvp.
need DPSsssssss
if interested msg legalize
Recruiting LVLers/Casuals/PVPers/PVErs
Hi, I'm a tank with a dps set that can do ~14k
apply on the website or msg legalize ingame
ilvl 355 mage looking to 10 man raid, downed 9/12, experiance on al'akir and Cho'gall that I have not downed.
Currently looking for 1 tank atleast 10/12
Le Bump
bumpty bump
There are 21+ guilds here that are 12/12. How are you ranked 16th?
bump LF Tank 350ilvl pref
your a retard svayne, says guild lvl 16.

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