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WoW was my first MMO 11 years ago. I had never played the genre before. So when it came to picking my character I had no idea what to do. I read the descriptions, and was like well I'll just play them all because I can't decide what will be fun.

My grand strategy of "playing them all" consisted of leveling every class to level 5 and deciding what was cool. LOL. And thus was born this warrior that I still play 11 years later.
It was like 2007 or something, and I decided to play on the 10-day trial account. I decide I wanted to go with the "basic" combo, and made a human warrior (no offensive).

Also when I finally subscribed, I had no idea how class roles or talent trees worked.
Late 07 I just got to Silvermoon and I saw an Undead rogue for the first time, he was on a black wolf and I said "Nice gear!" and he said "uhh.....thanks" I felt like a child.
I started playing back in 2007 and I honestly had no idea how armor and stats worked at the time. I played a different hunter, and I wore mail strength, intellect (though that was because hunters used to have mana), spirit, and agility.

It wasn't until I had a decent guild that pointed me in the right direction lol. And then I started to do research. Noxxic is fantastic for learning a new role.
Around level 10 or so on my first character (this rogue) I got a quest to deliver something from Elwynn Forest to a dwarf in Loch Modan.

For whatever reason I hadn't yet learned about the Deeprun Tram.

I ran (at ~level 10) from Elwynn Forest, through Redridge, Burning Steppes, Searing Gorge, through Badlands, and into Loch Modan.

I would wager that about half the deaths I have on this character occurred that night, and it took around 7-8 hours in total. By the time I was done the sun was coming up.

Of course I was getting massacred and mauled and stealth was useless, but oh man did I have fun exploring and checking out all of these places that were to come in the future.
I remember my first toon was a tauren hunter in Vanilla. My second was a Nelf druid. I befriended someone, we started talking, and realized we both had hunters around level 30. So naturally we made arangements to meet in the Barrens. While I'm waiting ths Alliance hunter comes by and starts attacking me.

We clash valiantly about three times and then I log off and go back to my druid. "Where were you?" We ask each other. We make arrangements a second time with clearer directions. I log off my druid, go back to my hunter, and travel to the new location. But then that hunter shows up again. At this point I'm beginning to suspect what you have probably realized already.

A quick switch back to druid confirms it. We were fighting each other.
I was a Male Night Elf Hunter ... 'nuff said.

<-- my character orginally created in Feb '06
I started like 2 weeks before the Burning Crusade came out. I made a human warrior because I was a kid with no originality. I got to the impressive level of level 3 and the next day at school I told my friends all about it. My friend who played the warcraft RTS was like "I'd make a night elf, they can be druids and turn into animals".

My mind was blown.

I faked sick and got to go home and I made a night elf druid. I found out that we got to be a cat at level 20, I couldn't wait. It didn't pop into my head to look up what the cat form was like, so I assumed you would turn into a house cat, actually sized really small like one. I spent months reaching for level 20 and when I finally made it I was astounded at how huge and awesome my cat form was. I spent the next 6 months doing nothing but Warsong Gulch at level 20 in cat form nonstop. Back then you didn't get exp from battlegrounds, and there are no Battleground UI window you could queue in. You had to sit down beside the Ashenvale or Stormwind battlemasters and queue there, never leaving their side until you got into your game that took 10 or so minutes of queue time.

So I stayed at level 20 doing nothing but WSG for about half of a year.
Leveled first toon (mage) by hardcasting pyroblast on things.
My roommate wanted to know how to get from Tirisfal to The Barrens. We did not know about the zeppelins, so I told him to swim. He died of fatigue and said that Forsaken were bugged because underwater breathing did not work.
I was clicking everything, and I didn't know tanky stats were bad for dps.
lol, my first toon was a rogue. Any piece of leather that dropped, if was higher item lvl, I put it on, regardless of stats. Ended up with a ton of strength, and spirit.Buy the time, I learned better, I dumped the rogue, and mained pally.
2004 is when I made my toon. I actually made a lock first but found out one of my leveling buddies is playing lock too so I switched to this mage. Was the lock for only a couple of days.

I came from SWG and some UO so WoW was a whole new world to me. SWG didn't have quests or anything like WoW had. SWG was a sandbox game so you made your own content. Their missions were at these terminals where you just go kill a mob and come back for credits and leveling up your skills. Closest they had to dungeon then was called The Warren which wasn't instanced and just something bleh.

So not knowing how WoW worked, it took a little bit to get used to quests and I remember my first dungeon VC (Deadmines) I had no clue what they were so when I saw people running in I was like, "Hurry up guys before all these people kill everything and we have nothing left to kill." I had no idea it was instanced to just us lol.
haha! My first character was a male NE warrior. This was late 2004/early 2005 can't remember but hardly anyone knew what was going on. Ok Ok maybe it was myself and a few others. ANYWAY, I really liked staves for some reason and equipped my warrior with the finest I could find... then people started to snicker at me in Iron Forge (of course, where else!).
I don't know what year it was, but it was toward the end of Wrath that I began playing. I was vehemently against ever playing an mmo as I was you're typical fps or gtfo type of gamer. A few buddies got me to give it a go after I lost a stupid bet (yes we were drinking) and I've been hooked ever since.

I created a human paladin who is my main to this day. I thought I was getting the hang of things quite well and I plugged along leveling, accepting a little help from my friend's dk every now and again. Neither of my buddies ever explained to me what a dungeon was. I had no idea from 1-80 and never entered one. Once I got to max level I'm asking them how they got this purple gear and they clue me in to dungeon finder and random heroics.

So then, there I am running around trying to learn to play this game for a second time in randoms. I was also that pally who dps'd with Righteous Fury on because for some reason I thought I was supposed to. Several deaths and ill-worded whispers later, I found out how wrong I was going about things.

I vowed that I would never let myself be "that guy" again and have done a pretty good job of it most of the time. I also do whatever I can for people who ask questions because a few words of helpful info might change their entire outlook on the way they play.
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Of course I was getting massacred and mauled and stealth was useless, but oh man did I have fun exploring and checking out all of these places that were to come in the future.

I love your attitude! It seems like too many folks quit the second something gets hard.

My very first character was a gnome on my sister's account (because I was visiting, she twisted my arm, and at the time there was no internet where I live). I went the opposite direction, from Iron Forge to Stormwind, but I went through the tram tunnel. There was no tram when I went in, so I walked down the tunnel the whole way. Didn't take nearly as long as your trip, nor did I die, but boy was I ticked that the tram never stopped at any of the stations along the way.
My first trip on the Zeppelin after getting out of ghostlands and suicide running through plaguelands not knowing where to go.

Ended up finding a random tower. And I had just gotten to it when a big flying ship rolled up.

Also learning two and a half years after starting that using WASD and clicking all your spells isn't how the game was meant to be played and put me at a serious handicap.
*Xmas time 2004*

"Hmmm. Spirit increases health regen, Im going to be a spirit Hunter!" ~ Rolls on every dungeon drop ~
I switched from Ultima Online to WoW the day it was released... Nov 23rd, 2004?

First toon was a Troll Shaman... 19 days /played to level 60.

I rerolled Alliance early 2005... went Priest and ended up clearing MC, BWL and AQ prior to BC launch.

Never got to do Naxx 40 and from what I've read it's a good thing... that instance apparently was a guild breaker.

As far as my noob moment... I had a few. Hearthing the first time I went to Booty Bay because I saw a bunch of green goblins that I thought were going to own me comes to mind...

10 man Strat...
Dire Maul tribute runs
Green dragons
Kazzak world PvP

:Lots of memories.
I was in a guild my friend (who had introduced me to WoW)had that only he and his girlfriend where in so I constantly was online alone. This was Wrath/pre-Cata so it was'nt as intuiative. I was tanking Blackrock Depths, healer was wondering why my health was so low for a pally tank. Inspects me and LUCKILY was kind enough to point out that pally tanks don't wear intellect robes in a patient way. :D

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